Meet Wiz Khalifa's new puppy, Max. He's a 12-week-old bulldog and he's too adorable for words.

The rescuer and breeder company where Max was purchased, SD Bullies, told TMZ that the "See You Again" rapper reached out to them because he wanted a homie for his 3-year-old dog, Vincent

Even though they didn't give any details regarding how much stacks Wiz dropped for Max, a comparable dog could cost between $10,000-$20,000. In other words, a whole lot of bones.

So, in no time, Max was privately chauffeured (such a boss) to his new owner, and it was love at first sight. 

Check out the cute videos below of the pup joining the Taylor Gang.

@theamazinglifeofvincent meet @theamazinglifeofmaxb #SDBullies #BulliesLife #tGod #TaylorGang #TaylorGangOrDie

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