Right smack in the middle of all the gossip and mess surrounding him, Wiz Khalifa dropped by "The Angie Martinez Show" to promote his new album Khalifa - AND he also cleared the air for everyone involved in the drama.

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past week, we've all been following the drama between Wiz and Kanye West.

Plus, Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian surprised the WORLD by posting a selfie of themselves hanging out together. Even more surprising is the fact that Wiz tells Angie that all is well between the four adults and he already had a conversation with Kanye - and got an apology.

"We spoke and it's all good...we all did what's best for everybody," he says about putting an end to all the drama.

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During his stop, Wiz talked about: 

  • Coming up with his own line of weed Khalifa Kush.
  • Working towards the legalization of weed and his plans to get more involved in the politics aspect.
  • Denying rumors that his $100K Rolex watch was snatched up in Brazil.
  • His decision to speak out about the Kanye West Waves album title.
  • Having already spoken to Kanye who gave him and apology. "We spoke and it's all good" says Wiz.
  • Why Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian also squashed the beef at the same time: "We all did what's best for everybody."
  • Whether or not he thinks that the gossip help album sales. 
  • Still loving and working with Amber  - who he calls his "best friend."
  • How he feels about Amber's "Slut Walk" and the stigma which won't detach from the former exotic dancer.
  • Son, Sebastian, already singing, dancing and grabbing a mic.
  • How it is to work on co-parenting with two famous parents goes.
  • Feeling like him being black is the reason why he didn't score an Oscar nomination for his hit "See You Again."
  • Being content with the fact that at least The Weeknd is up for an Oscar: "We're rooting for The Weeknd, we got somebody in there." says Wiz.
  • How "See You Again" didn't put any pressure on him when it comes to him working on the new album: "I just gotta keep rapping about reality."
  • His love for tattoos and having no plans to stop getting inked.
  • Still being able to hit up the park with his son and even doing his own grocery shopping.
  • Being satisfied with the work he's put into his new album.
  • What he's listening to right about now - including Kevin Gates and Young Thug.
  • The age he thinks one should legally be able to smoke weed...in the future, he says Sebastian will be free to smoke weed at any age.
  • The new album Khalifa drops this Friday.

Check out the interview below!