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A woman named Christina recently woke up thinking she’d be helping a friend with a bridal photo shoot at a mall. She had no idea she was being duped into attending her own surprise wedding!

Christina’s fiance, Brian, had secretly arranged for the couple’s friends and family to gather for the occasion. Christina, dressed in a wedding gown but not suspecting it was her own wedding day, followed her friend through the mall and outside to pose for pictures near a giant Christmas tree.

It was only when she turned a corner and found her father holding a bouquet that Christina realized what was happening. On the other side of the tree, dozens of wedding guests raced out to take their spots. After she composed herself, Christina emerged with her dad, walked down the aisle, and exchanged vows with Brian.

She seemed to love the surprise, although you might think that a lot of brides-to-be would be a little upset if their fiancés sprung a wedding on them without warning and not on their own terms. We’re glad Christina seemed genuinely thrilled. Would you be? 

Check out Christina's surprise wedding below!

Photo: YouTube