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Zayn Malik -- who is going by simply Zayn now -- has finally debuted his first solo single, "Pillowtalk." But he didn't just drop the new song, he also dropped its accompanying music video! And it stars none other than Gigi Hadid

The "Pillowtalk" music video is pretty steamy, as you can imagine. In the clip, directed by Bouha Kazmi, Zayn belts out the song and makes out with Gigi. However, there is also a lot of abstract imagery, like both Zayn and Gigi crying tears of blood, Gigi smashing a guitar, a few naked women, a woman with spikes coming out of her face, and more. But we really just can't stop watching Zigi make out.

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As soon as "Pillowtalk" dropped #Pillowtalk became the top trending hashtag on Twitter worldwide -- the ZSquad couldn't handle it.

Zayn recently talked to Capital FM in London this week about the new song, and his new music on the way. The singer says of his new music:

"I've been working on it for just over a year, the whole record, and it's turned out well, I'm really excited, obviously a little bit nervous to see what the reaction is going to be but mainly excited."

Zayn also explained the meaning behind "Pillowtalk." He says, "Lyrically, I think I'm pretty direct and to the point. I'm trying to basically describe most relationships that I guess most twenty year olds are going through. Ups and downs, fun times and bad times and, all of the experiences that make that worthwhile."

In terms of his upcoming debut solo album, it sounds like there may just be a collaboration or two. He explains:


"There's a couple of people that wanted to work with me on the album and just massively didn't fit, and there was a couple of people that didn't want to work, and that I did like the sound of. There might be a feature on there with somebody called Kelhani, and that's just an artist that I've just been listening to the last year, she hasn't really broke yet, but I think she is going to be big. She's an R&B artist."


Check out Zayn's "Pillowtalk" music video below! (Warning: Some explicit content)