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Not long after Zedd performed a special live version of "Clarity" with vocalist Foxes on "The Late Show with David Letterman," the superstar producer premiered the official music video for his track on The video centers around Foxes as she sings along side some pyramids in a windy desert, and in dark caves, belting out the tune to her love interest in the clip, played by actor AJ English. Although Foxes takes center stage, letting her powerful voice reign supreme, Zedd is also shown a few times in the music video (it is his track too after all). 

The video to the title track of Zedd's debut album was released worldwide on January 11th. 

Watch the premiere of Zedd's "Clarity" featuring Foxes:

Zedd has also shared a short clip on YouTube looking into the making of the "Clarity" music video. He maps out the video saying, "You can divide it [the video] into three parts. The first part will be very happy, very positive. The second part is very heavy and dark. It takes place in some rocks in a cave. The last part will be like a switch of the mood again, which will be very positive."

He also explains his quick presence in the video. "Somewhere, there will be my face."

Take a look behind the scenes of the making of the "Clarity" music video: