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(NEWSER) – Teresa Giudice started her 15-month prison sentence today, with her attorney confirming to NBC New York that she has checked in at the minimum-security Danbury, Conn., prison on which Orange Is the New Blackis basedPeople spoke to Giudice's former legal crisis counselor, Wendy Feldman, herself a former prisoner who now helps clients prepare for incarceration, about what life will be like for the 42-year-old reality star:

  • Her warm welcome: She'll have to "sit and wait" to be processed, and once it's her turn, she'll be strip-searched and forced to pee in a cup in front of an officer andperform the "squat and cough" to see if she's hiding any drugs.
  • What she'll wear: Elastic-waist khaki pants and a button-down, poly-blend shirt, plus steel-toed black work boots and prison-issue underthings and socks. She'll have to turn over all jewelry she's wearing save a metal wedding band (no gems or stones) and, if she wants, a metal religious medallion.
  • Where she'll sleep: Initially, since she has no seniority, the top bunk of a bed. Eventually, she can probably trade for a preferred bottom bunk.


Photo: Splash News