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You can always rely on a countdown to get buzz and chatter going on the blogosphere, and DJ Mustard is the latest name to get in on the fun. Earlier this week, the man behind some of your favorite ratchet anthems like Big Sean's "I Don't F*ck With You" and Tinashe's "2 On" launched a countdown on his official website, teasing the release of his brand-new single, and it features one very mysterious guest. Now, the name of the featured act is mostly covered by a piece of tape, but that doesn't mean that fans aren't going to do what they do best.

Considering we don't have much patience in an age of seemingly never-ending content, iHeartRadio decided to sort through some potential candidates. 

Learn who just might be on DJ Mustard's new single below!

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Just last week, a new song called "Secrets" from Tinashe's upcoming Joyride LP surfaced. Not only is the track produced by DJ Mustard, but graphic designers will likely agree with the placement of the singer's name on the countdown graphic. Maybe it's the final mastered version of "Secrets." Maybe it's an entirely new song that'll appear on Mustard's new project. Regardless, it'd certainly create some more momentum for Tinashe's music, and that's an insatiable appetite that we cannot curb.

britney spears

Britney Spears

It's a well-known fact in (B Land) that Britney Spears worked with the hip hop maestro on her forthcoming album, but there's no word on when their collaboration is expected to drop. Are we going to hear Britney on da beat come Friday? Well, it's been a bit since we've heard new music (sans "Pretty Girls") from the pop princess, but we're a little skeptical that Team B would unveil new material in such a low profile manner.



Sure, TeeFlii doesn't really seem like the artist to warrant a collaboration countdown ... unless DJ Mustard is one hell of an online troll. However, the R&B singer has worked with the producer in the past and his name, too, fits in line with the text behind the black tape.

kanye west

Kanye West

Kanye West just dropped a brand-new track called "Facts" on New Year's Eve, so what's stopping the hip hop heavyweight from keeping the new music flowing with another freebie? Truthfully, it'd be a bit of a stretch, considering the MC recently told Twitter (and those that can't stop hounding him) to lay off until he finishes SWISH.

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