The guys of Firebeatz have been pretty busy in 2015, so far. On top of a heavy touring schedule, the guys have also been releasing new music -- including their latest release: "Sky High (Tiesto Edit)." Their newly released track actually made its debut by Tiesto during Ultra Music Festival in Miami this year, and the guys tell iHeartRadio about how the track came together for the festival.

On "Sky High (Tiesto Edit)"

Jurre: "We made it right before Ultra in Miami. And we sent a snippet of the track to Tijs, and he was like 'I love this. Try to finish it before Ultra, so I can play it." We sent it over, and got some vocals, and great ideas. And actually, he premiered it at Ultra, with us on stage during his closing set."

Tim: "It was crazy because we actually finished the last edit that week. And the only thing you do that week is party, party, party. You're not going to sit in the studio. Well, at least like normal. So we finished it, and he was like 'let's do it on stage.' He decided a week before. We got up, he played the track, and of course there was a sh*t ton of people. It was crazy."

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Well, there's no doubt being on the road together all the time, and in the studio, that Tim and Jurre are very close. So we decided to see just how close they really are by testing them on how well they know each other. We asked them both the same question, and the object was to have the same answers. Find out how they did! 

Check out "Who Knows Who Best with Firebeatz" below.


1. If Tim could pick anyone in the world to collaborate with, who would be choose?

firebeatz 1

They both got it! Tim would LOVE to collaborate with The Prodigy. 🙌

2. What is Jurre's guilty pleasure?

firebeatz 2

Tim guessed Sting, while Jurre's real answer was classical music. 

3. What is Tim's favorite food of all time?

firebeatz 3

Jurre correctly knew that Tim's FAVORITE type of food is Asian and Italian. YUM. 🍜🍣🍝🍕

4. What is Jurre's pet peeve?

firebeatz 4

According to Tim, Jurre "is a pretty happy guy." BUT, his pet peeve is being asked to remove his headphones during take-off on a flight.

Tim: "He always gets into a discussion with the stewardess. It's because you have to understand what they're saying if you're in an emergency exit."

Jurre: "I'm like, 'WHY? Why the f*** do I have to remove my earplugs when we take off?!"

5. What's the most fun you had while working with Tiesto?

firebeatz 5

Tim and Jurre both picked their first time back stage with Tiesto in Ibiza at Ushuaïa ... and Jäger. They clarify: "Jägerbombs in Ibiza." That's quite the combination of good times right there. 🙌

6. Who would Jurre fanboy over, if he met them?

firebeatz 6

Tim guessed Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan, while Jurre's actual answers are Messe and Eva Mendes. 

Jurre: "Chris Tucker" was a good one as well, actually."

All GREAT choices. 👍

7. Who is Tim's favorite artist, outside of dance music?

firebeatz 7

Jurre: "I was going to say! Wu Tang or KRS-One."

8. What is Jurre's favorite emoji? Draw it! 

firebeatz 8

Tim says 😂, but Jurre says it's this: 👯.

Honestly, guys, both are pretty accurate drawings. 👍

9. What emoji best represents Tim? Draw it! 

firebeatz 9

Tim is apparently the life of the party. In fact, he tells us, "Because I always like to party!" 🎉🎉🎉

10. Let's see your best drawing of each other:

firebeatz 10


Just, spot on. 👌

Now that you know Firebeatz as well as they know themselves, check out what they had to say about working with Tiesto, and what else is up their sleeves for the rest of the year below! 

The guys explained to us, that working with Tiesto is always a good time. The duo told us the story of the first time they worked on music together ... and it involves Tim's studio in his parents' house, and Jägermeister. 

On working with Tiesto

Tim: "We did a song, before, with him. We know how he works. The first time he came down, actually it was still in my mom and dad's attic, at my studio. And we had a bottle of Jäger at 11:30 a.m./12 in the afternoon. We started drinking, and made a track. And the next time we started a new track, we were in his trailer drinking. So every time we're with Tijs, it's with a drink! He likes to party."


Firebeatz tell us that they have A LOT of new music on the way. In fact, they have enough tracks to release from now until the end of 2015, and beyond! 

On new music coming out

"We have a lot of new music coming out. We worked on a new collab with W&W, one with Jay Hardway, and a lot of our own stuff. We're just finishing a new track, actually. We can't say too much about it, but it's different. We always like to do something different."

Photos: Rachel Kaplan for iHeartRadio