(NEWSER)  – So who would win the Oscar for best—or worst—career after winning an Oscar? That's the question Walt Hickey investigates over at fivethirtyeight.com. He considered all the Best Actor and Best Actress winners since 1970, looking at how many movies they made before and after winning (through the end of 2015 or until their death or retirement) and how well those movies performed. A few observations:

  • Forest Whitaker is the most prolific of the male winners, having made a film, on average, every 3.4 months since his win in 2006.
  • On the female side, Cate Blanchett made a movie, on average, every 3.3 months after her win in 2013.

When combining the two factors and looking at the average number of months between films with a 75% score or higher on Rotten Tomatoes after winning an Oscar, Blanchett comes out on top (5.1), followed by Tom Hanks (10.2).

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