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(NEWSER) – As of a week ago, pharmaceuticals purveyor Martin Shkreli hadn't kept his promise to lower the cost of a toxoplasmosis drug after outcry over its 5,000% price hike over the summer.

Nothing much has changed since—except now the Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO is explaining why Daraprim is still boasting exorbitant prices. "I said that it would take a long amount of time to figure out how and when to lower the price," Shkreli tells Business Insider, ostensibly referencing what he told ABC News last month about lowering the price (though he didn't appear to mention any timeframe). What's holding things up, per Shkreli: the assessment process to find a pricing/demand sweet spot to bring the price per pill down from the current $750. "Until we figure out demand, we won't lower the price," he tells BI. "We have to find a safe price to lower it to."

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