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Someone just paid a lot of money to run their fingers through Willie Nelson's hair.  The country legend's braids, cut in the 1980s, were sold at an Arizona auction over the weekend for a reported $37,000.  Guernsey's auction President Arlan Ettinger says whoever is in possession of Willie's braids now also has a very poignant piece of history between two music icons. 

The braids were part of an auction of Waylon Jennings' possessions.  They were given to Jennings by Nelson at a 1983 party thrown by Johnny Cash to celebrate Jennings' sobriety. It's not yet known who bought the braids. 

Among the other items that fetched big dollars at the Jennings auction was a motorcycle that once belonged to music legend Buddy Holly.  Given to Jennings by members of Holly's band after his death in 1959, the Ariel Cyclone motorcycle sold for a reported $450,000 dollars.  Jennings died in 2002 at the age of 64. 

Photo: Getty Images