(WGY) In May 2013, an arsonist set fire to an apartment in Schenectady, New York. The fire killed David Terry and 3 of his children. His 5-year-old daughter Safyre Terry survived but suffered severe burns over her body. After the tragedy, a request was made by her family to send Christmas cards to lift her spirits. Volunteers were called upon to assist the organization in opening the more than 1 million Christmas cards the organization received this past Christmas season.

Unfortunately, not all the volunteers were interested in helping. The Rotterdam Police Department received a complaint from the Safyre's Angels organization that volunteers may be stealing from the organization. Many of the Christmas cards contained cash and/or gift cards to local retailers. Organizers received information that some volunteers may be stealing from the Christmas cards and contacted police. 

On Thursday, February 25th, Rotterdam Detectives arrested Kimberly M. Bradford, 41 years old, of 1917 Elizabeth Street Rotterdam. She is charged with Grand Larceny 4th degree, a class E felony. 

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Photo: Rotterdam Police