(NEWSER) – Niamh Geaney was understandably "freaked out" when she found a woman that looked just like herliving only an hour away in Ireland. But Geaney, who set out to find her doppelganger through project Twin Strangers, was even more astounded when she found a second doppelganger, this one living in Italy. Not only does Luisa Guizzardi look like Geaney, she apparently acts like her, too. "I met with her friend of 24 years before meeting her, and he said Luisa and I had the same presence and aura," Geaney tells ABC News.

"I broke down and cried," she adds in a YouTube video. "When I finally met her in person, it was crazy. She'd scrunch her nose the same way as me, play with her hair the same way, shrug her shoulders the same way, and even talk with her hands similarly." Guizzardi says the pair—both 27—are like "soulmates."

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