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Baltimore resident Gabrielle Wathen celebrated her 26th birthday on Halloween by going out drinking with her friends. By the time the night was over she was blackout drunk and decided to use Uber to get a ride home. Because it was Halloween and everybody was drunk and in need of a cab Uber instituted their controversial surge pricing. Due to high demand, the surge was 9x the normal rate. 

Apparently, the waitress and freelance writer did not realize that Uber had jacked the prices until she woke up the next morning to a $362 charge from Uber. This devastated her because she could not afford her $450 rent payment. 

After trying to dispute the charges with Uber, Gabrielle took to Instagram and posted a copy of the charge with an angry rant about cab company. The Instagram post is now removed(or private), but Business Insider was able to grab a screenshot

Not content with an Instagram rant she also set up a now removed GoFundMe page to raise money for her rent. She quickly surpassed her goal and according to Buzzfeed had raised nearly $600. There is no word why the page was removed or if she will receive the money that people donated to her. 

PHOTO: Facebook