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(NEWSER) – A British woman who was quite sure her cancer would kill her sooner rather than later decided to steal nearly $644,000 from her employer—but she ended up beating the disease and is now going to prison to serve a four-year sentence. Shirley Player, 61, stole about $92,000 a year between 2007 and 2014 from the real estate company she worked for to "settle debts, pay rents, and [buy] 'family treats,'" a prosecutor at her trial said in court—and it was all because "she had not expected to be still here," the attorney added.

One of Player's defense attorneys told the court that she was simply trying to plan ahead for her almost-certain demise, the Daily Express reports. "She told me she had wanted to do something for her family as she was not going to be here much longer," he said. "I asked her where the money went. She does not know."

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