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(NEWSER) – Working more than a standard 40-hour workweek (if that "standard" still even exists) won't only shave away at your R&R time: It may also cause you to drink more, the Guardian reports. Researchers found that individuals who put in 49 to 54 hours a week were 13% more likely to suck down "risky" amounts of alcohol than those who work 35 to 40 hours, while the poor dears who toiled away for 55 hours or more had a 12% higher risk, according to a study in the British Medical Journal.

For the purposes of this study, "risky" alcohol use was considered to be more than 14 drinks a week for women or 21 drinks a week for men, the Los Angeles Times reports. The study used cross-sectional analysis of 61 studies with nearly 334,000 subjects from 14 countries, as well as additional "prospective" analysis of 20 more studies that looked at 100,000 people from nine countries.

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