Listen to "I Want You To Know" on iHeartRadio

Selenators, rejoice! Zeddheads, get ready to dance! (Is Zeddheads a thing!? If not, we're starting it now) The time has finally come to hear the brand new collab from Zedd and Selena Gomez -- a.k.a. #Zeddlena -- "I Want You To Know."

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The duo has been teasing new song for a few weeks now, and we're stoked to finally bring you the world premiere of "I Want You To Know" - put it on repeat and let us know what you think!

Listen to the iHeartRadio World Premiere of Zedd's new song, "I Want You To Know," featuring Selena Gomez below!

Check out some of the teasers Selena and Zedd posted to Instagram over the past few weeks: