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Ten-year-old Christopher Warner is Maroon 5's biggest fan, and got to meet the band this week when they all hung out backstage at their Washington D.C. concert, thanks to Hot 99.5's Kane of "The Kane Show." 

Christopher, who has down syndrome, was so overwhelmed to finally meet Adam Levine and crew that he actually "had a panic attack" and laid down on the ground, and curled up next to his mother. So, Adam and the rest of Maroon 5 joined Christopher on the floor so they could take a picture together. 

Check out the sweet photo below:

Talk about class act!

Hot 99.5's Kane came across Christopher in a YouTube video posted by his special education teacher Avery Stanert. The video showed Christopher making a school project about Maroon 5 and featured the little guy drawing pictures of Adam, singing Maoon 5's music, and watching the band's music videos!

Check out Christopher's video below!