Biometrics Considered For National Identity Card

A Japanese company is close to creating a device that will allow you to forget remembering your passwords. Fujitsu, an information and communication technology manufacturer, has developed a technology that turns human biology into an encryption key, which should increase digital security and protect private information.

According to a released statement Oct. 26, Fujitsu uses different, randomized numbers “to convert biometric data into a cryptographic key for use in encryption and decryption. This makes it possible to simply and securely manage an individual’s confidential data using biometric data, while preventing the unconverted biometric data from passing through the network.”

Biometric data is a type of technology that analyzes physical characteristics for verification purposes. Some common forms of biometrics include: DNA, fingerprints, eye retinas, voice patterns, palm veins, and facial patterns.

Essentially, Fujitsu’s technology will be able to take a fingerprint or eye scan and turn it into a secure password key that is “inseparable from the individual.” As a consequence, the identity of an individual accessing confidential data on the internet can be verified without the need to remember a password.

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PHOTO: Getty Images