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Zac Efron gave away his very first car to one lucky fan named Amanda Lopez.

Back in August, Efron was offering his first car – and the opportunity to meet him in person in L.A. - as part of a fundraiser for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. All fans had to do was donate $10 to be be entered into a raffle drawing.

At the time Efron put up his first vehicle for raffle, he noted, “This is the car I learned everything in… How to drive in, got my first driver’s license in, got in my first car accident in, which was not my fault for the record.”

On Saturday, Lopez got her new wheels and hung out with Efron in the car he did “everything in.” He even who signed the dashboard of the car, “To Amanda, with love, Zac Efron.”

Below are photos and video of Efron with Lopez that he posted to WhoSay on Sunday, along with the note, “My first car is all yours.”

Check it out below!