(NEWSER) – Denmark's Odense Zoo decided it had one too many lions, so it put down one of the big cats and stored the remains in a freezer—and it plans to hold a live dissection of the animal on Thursday to "show how fantastic a lion is," reports. The dissection of the lion, which was killed nine months ago, is scheduled just in time for local kids' fall break, so children will likely also be in attendance, the AFP reports.

"There will be explanations when the animal is cut up and the heart, lungs, and other body parts will be displayed," the zoo's website reads, per the Local. "If there is a wish to closely study body parts, that will be possible." The lion, a 9-month-old female, was "humanely" killed in February because she was exhibiting aggressive behavior and no other zoo wanted her, Nina Collatz, the zookeeper chief at Odense, tells the BBC. Getting rid of "surplus" animals like this "is a very normal process," she adds.

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