The Ben Maller Show

11-3 The Ben Maller Show

November 3, 2015151 min
Hour 1: Ben Maller recaps Monday Night Football pointing out that Andrew Luck is now winless against teams outside the division and the Colts are primed to be the worst playoff team in the league. Also, despite their 7-0 record, Ben is still unimpressed with the Panters. Also, NBA Pick'em! Hour 2: Even though Blaine Gabbert is pretty awful himself, the 49ers have done the right thing by benching Colin Kaepernick. The 49ers are now 2-6 and just traded Vernon Davis to the Broncos, they have nothign to lose. Also, we go Maller to the Third Degree. Hour 3: Vernon Davis has been traded to the Denver Broncos and Ben thinks it proves that John Elway is concerned with how Peyton Manning has been playing. Also, "Maller's Mountain of Money," and "Puck the World w/ Eddie Garcia!" Hour 4: Donald Trump joined Colin Cowherd on the network and raised some interesting points. Trump stressed he does not want the NFL to get "too soft" and worries that they are also trying to get too politcally correct. Ben agrees wholeheartedly. Also, Cite the Bite!

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