The Ben Maller Show

The Ben Maller Show 11/24/2015

November 24, 2015152 min
Hour 1: The Patriots are 10-0, but they look like a team that is in trouble. Without Julian Edelman, the Patriots have no one to draw attention away from Rob Gronkowski. Also, NBA Pick'em! Hour 2: Ben reacts to the signing of Dave Roberts as the new manager of the Dodgers. While Ben is ok with the choice, he notes that he has been handed the keys to a Porsche as the team is already built to succeed in the regular season. The postseason will be where he needs to make his mark. Also, Maller to the Third Degree, and "All-In Sports Betting!" Hour 3: After being gone the past couple shows, Ben weighs in on what's wrong with the Clippers. They are coming off some ugly losses and Ben says this is Doc Rivers' problem to fix, and fix it he will. Also, we play "Maller's Mountain of Money!" and "Puck the World w/ Eddie Garcia!" Hour 4: Ron Rivera thinks it's disrespectful that the undefeated Panthers are underdogs to the Cowboys next week. Ben lets you know why the Vegas odds makers are thinking that way. Also, we play "Cite the Bite!"

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