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May 31, 2024 32 mins

Ben Maller & Danny G. have another fun Friday for you! They Talk: Military-Like Planning, Big Ben's Big Board (List), Idiom of the Week, & more!

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Speaker 1 (00:00):

Speaker 2 (00:02):
If you thought four hours a day, twelve hundred minutes
a week was enough, think again. He's the last remnants
of the Old Republic, a soul fashion of fairness. He
treats crackheads in the ghetto gutter the same as the
rich pill poppers in the penthouse.

Speaker 1 (00:18):

Speaker 2 (00:18):
The Clearinghouse of Hot takes break free for something special.
The Fifth Hour with Ben Maller starts right now in
the air everywhere.

Speaker 1 (00:33):
The Fifth Hour with Me, Big Ben and Danny g Radios.
We slide into the final day of the month of May.
This is it, this swan song, the final show for
me in the month of May. Today, thirty first day
we got slide into June this weekend as we are
here all weekend long. This is not the original Recipe podcast.

This is the Extra Crispy, Extra Spicy because we can
say bad words and the Boss can't mess with us bullshit.
The Fifth Hour and Danny I am. I am fired up.
There's some things happened to me the last week that
I did not talk about. Well, one thing I did
talk about on the on the radio show, but something

we'll get to at some point this weekend. Happened that
was one of the craziest things that has taken place,
that was risky, was all that, and we'll get to
it at some point. But it's it's great to hang
out and we don't have to worry about any of
the normal nonsense from the from the sports radio. We

can talk about anything we can. In fact, we will
do later on. We'll do foody fun, we'll have that,
you know, the usual nonsense that we do here on
a Friday.

Speaker 3 (01:47):
It's weird though I haven't seen anything going on in
the world on Facebook or anything.

Speaker 1 (01:52):
Everyone's very calm and handling things as adults. And yeah,
we didn't do it.

Speaker 3 (02:01):
I'm a very innocent man.

Speaker 1 (02:03):
Well, every time I see stuff like this, it reminds
me of the quote, which is actually a curse. The
proverb that may you live in interesting times is actually
you don't want to live in interesting times. You want
to live when things are very boring because you know,
you don't have a lot of change and all that,
but the last twenty years.

Speaker 3 (02:26):
Boring and preferably a big savings account.

Speaker 1 (02:29):
Yeah yeah, with inflation not a factor. You don't want that,
you know, want the inflation and all that. But anyway, listen,
we're here, and I've been told by management. I know
in twenty twenty, I was told that we are what
do they tell us, nanny, that we are alternative programming?
Is that what they told I think they told us that, right,

they told you about an alternative lifestyle. Well, that's true.
I live in California, so that's obvious. Clearly, just by default,
that is my position. But are you celebrating National Macaroon Day?
A big day for you, Danny big fan of the macaroon?

Speaker 3 (03:02):
Macaroons suck? I am.

Speaker 1 (03:04):
I agree that's a good take. I don't like them,
and I've been around a few people in my life
that love macaroons. You go to those outdoor malls and
we have a lot of them here in southern California,
and there's a like a macaroon bakery, and like, what
a waste of a bakery. I just believe that's a
terrible waste of a bakery. When I was a kid,

my mom would occasionally, you know, stuff macaroons in my
face and I didn't like them. I did not like
And she wonders, like, you're a fat kid, you should
love macaroons. But no, Mom, I don't like for some reason,
I just never never got into them.

Speaker 3 (03:41):
You know, I forget which restaurant it was. But they
had macaroons as their dessert choice, and our daughter was like,
I have to have one. I have to have one
of those. She thought it looked good. Her mom ordered
it for and she takes one bite of it and
she's like, this is a gross.

Speaker 1 (03:59):
Now, if you are someone that cannot handle gluten, I
believe I think I'm right on this dandy that they
are gluten free. The macaroons are gluten free. But I'm not.

Speaker 3 (04:09):
I eat glutens, so so I'm good. Wait a second,
you don't have a gallbladder. You're not supposed to eat gluten.

Speaker 1 (04:17):
I eat whatever I want. I just don't eat a lie.
I mean I eat like once every other day. That's
what I've been doing, and only one bite of spicy food.
You can't have an entire plate, No, No, I just
have to be near a toilet. I can eat whatever
I want. I just know that I know that my
body will reject certain things at a rapid rate, and
so I have to you know, I have to mind that.

I have to be mindful of that, so I will
I will.

Speaker 3 (04:42):
Do that.

Speaker 1 (04:44):
On this pod. We've got military like planning, the return
by request of Big Bend's Big Board, now the Great Debate,
we get the word of the week, foody fun, a
lot of stuff to get to, so we'll probably get
to like three things, and then we'll be running out
of time for the podcast, because as you know, these
podcasts are supposed to be around around thirty miss. Market

research is indicated around thirty miss. I'm just saying we'll
start with this. I had an audity. This is not
the crazy risky story. This is just an oddity. So
this goes back to the beginning of the week. And
if you were listening to the original Recipe podcast, the
Overnight Show, you heard a little bit about this, but

I wanted to get into greater details. So during the show, Uh,
normal night, and I'm in studio most of the time
these days. A couple couple of nights I don't have
to go in. I do the remote studio. So I'm in.
I'm in studio on Memorial Day into Tuesday, and it's
you know, it's a normal night. It's holiday into a holiday,

A little more traffic, a little more traffic for me
coming to the studio. Whatever, I don't really care, but
I do the opening monologue, do the first hour, get
to hour two, do the monologue, and then later on
I think it was like the the second second portion
we paused, hit the timeout. So what I like to do, Danny,

because I know having.

Speaker 3 (06:12):
Wait, you mean you went to commercials?

Speaker 1 (06:14):
Well, I know we don't. We don't do commercial no, no, no,
we we you know we we have the most important part.
I just fill time around advertising, that's all I I
don't call them commercial. I call him friends, you know.
So I do my live read whatever. And since we
have a sedentary job, I've seen so many stories about
you know, if you sit, you sit, you're gonna die.

Speaker 3 (06:33):
Die, died.

Speaker 1 (06:34):
So I want to get my exercise, so I start walking.
I've been doing this again. I used to do this
all the time. I stopped for a while when I
was in the remote studio during COVID, so I picked
it up again. So I got m I'll go londer around.
I don't walk outside anymore. There's so many derelicts and
you know, somebody to lose. I'm gonna get shanked while
I'm outside.

Speaker 3 (06:52):
Yo, pre COVID, when you did this, it was awesome
because I could play like two three minutes of really
good songs.

Speaker 1 (06:58):
That's a lot. I had it timed out. I knew
how many times I could walk around the building and
before I needed to get back in.

Speaker 3 (07:04):
There were times where you were lagging though from an
extra few steps.

Speaker 1 (07:08):
Well, occasionally the security guard would want to strike up
a conversation, and I had everything timed out methodically, and
if he came over and wanted to have a little
small talk. And I liked the guy, James, the security
guards he works in an earlier shift. Now I like
the guy, but he would throw off my bio rhythm.
If y'all got a crew, you got to have a

fall guy. So anyway, I get to the point. So
it's hour two of the show Monday and the Tuesday,
so Tuesday show. So I'm walking down near the old studio.
I go out the main studio. I walk down, I
make a right turn, go down a little hall near
the old Casey Kasum studio. Then I make a left. No,
I make another right, another right, and there's like a

hallway and there's there's glass facing the street and this
is where I walk.

Speaker 3 (07:55):
I pace.

Speaker 1 (07:56):
People probably think I'm I'm a lunatic people on a
white coat need to come take me away because I
walk back and forth, back and forth. It's perfect because
we have the Fox Sports radio audios and the speakers
in the hallway. But the problem is it's on delay
because people say bad words. So I have to know
like forty seconds ahead of time when I need to

be back. But I'm walking. It's a normal, you know whatever,
normal night. And I look out the window in my
peripheral vision off to my right because I'm walking towards
the vending machine. I look out to the right and
I see all these cars. I don't normally see that
many cars when I'm walking. I see maybe a couple.

Speaker 3 (08:33):
That's it.

Speaker 1 (08:34):
You know, it's late overnight, so I see, I see
a bunch of cars and like summer parked. And then
I see a bunch of like I could kind of
make out it's it's nighttime.

Speaker 3 (08:43):
It's dark.

Speaker 1 (08:44):
I can see the outline the silhouette of people. And
when I say people, I'm talking the mother load, I
mean convoys. It was unbelievable, I mean, what is going on?
What has happened? And then I took a couple more
steps because I thought maybe I was imagining in it.
And then I turned and looked again. I said, oh,
my god. And I looked at the corner of Ventura

and sepalvaa one of the busiest intersections during the day
in the Greater Los Angeles area, the beautiful San Fernando Valley,
in the Oaks, shrim and Oaks, and they had they
had done something I've seen on the internet. I've seen
this on television occasionally. I'd never seen this in person.
I'd never seen this in person. Just meandering down the

Fox Pissarita Hallway, they did a street takeover. They took
over the intersection of Sepulva and Vtura, right in front
of our studio. A bunch of kids they were doing
donuts in their car.

Speaker 3 (09:49):
Oh, it looks like the streets of Oakland, California for show.

Speaker 1 (09:54):
Oh Danny, it was amazing. So my first move I
yelled back. I walked back down the hall. I make
a right, and then I make a left and I
yell over to Lorraina and Coop a loop. I say,
straight takeover, straight takeover. I yell it, straight takeover.

Speaker 3 (10:11):
You're so hip.

Speaker 1 (10:12):
Yeah, I'm so cool man. I'm not a boomer at all.
So what do you think these two knuckleheads do. They
both come sprinting out of the out of the studio.
They are running past me to see what the hullabaloo
is about. And so here's my favorite part.

Speaker 3 (10:25):
Coop on his unicycle and Loraina on or moped.

Speaker 1 (10:29):
I haven't seen that much hustle in Coop. We worked
together a while, I've never seen him hustle that much
other than for food. So he he runs out, and
then and then they're like, oh man, and then uh,
Coop's like, I want to go out and I want
to get a close review, you know, And Lorrain's like okay.
And then Coop's like, oh, I don't have my key
to get in the billy. So Lorrain is like, I
don't worry, I got mine. We're good. So they both
go and I you know, I'm I'm the talent Danny.

Speaker 2 (10:50):
You know.

Speaker 1 (10:50):
I can't risk my life out there, you know for
a donut thing.

Speaker 3 (10:53):
I can't do that.

Speaker 1 (10:54):
I'm gonna star of the show. Who you know, I
got to be there. I can't leave my post. I
did out the door, but I didn't, like physically step
put my whole body out. So Coop runs out he
walks down half a block so we can get a
great view of the intersection, and Loreina's out there. She's
recording it. But she didn't get that closed, so she's
recording it, and so like this is crazy man. I'm

standing there. I'm like, wow, this is wild man. They
got this this whole intersection closed and they're doing donuts
and there's people people out there with their phones.

Speaker 3 (11:24):
Tell you they park cars to block off both sides
of the street.

Speaker 1 (11:30):
I'll get to that in a second. But here's here's
the funny part of the stories. So again Lorena tells Koop,
don't worry, we got you. So, as you know, Danny,
we have a finite amount of time in between the
different segments that we're talking. Oh boy, it's a network clock.
Lorena realizing, wait a minute, I need to press the

buttons and I'm not at the post, so she starts panicking.
She runs back in Zoom's past me to get back
to where she needs to be. Even Eddie, curmudgeon Eddie
walked over to see what was going on.

Speaker 3 (12:06):
How about shut up?

Speaker 1 (12:07):
But Lorena runs past guess who's guess who's outside still
banging on the door to try.

Speaker 3 (12:13):
To get It was cool.

Speaker 1 (12:17):
Cooloom you said you'd let me in, would you.

Speaker 3 (12:22):
Go, jose canseko won't be hitteo nomo. It was so
it was so great.

Speaker 1 (12:30):
So I have to tip my headphones, Danny. It takes
a lot to impress me, it does. I gotta tell you.
These kids, and they look like mostly high school college
aged kids, you know, they were not. I don't think
there's any forty or fifty year old people out there
doing this. They were in their twenties and maybe early thirties.
Younger than that, even maybe teenagers. This was military like planning.

It was so impressive. It was like a football team
preparing for a game plan. Because what they did is
they had every corner an intersection, so you got four
corners of the intersection and each direction they had roughly
twenty cars on each side, so that's to the mat

twenty forty sixty eighty cars or so, and then maybe
maybe it was more, maybe it was less. It seemed
like it was twenty on each side, and they parked.
The kids all got to the intersection at the same time.
They parked their cars around, blocking the intersection from all directions.
They then get out of their cars, they put it
in park, they get out to assume the position so

they could have their phone to record for TikTok or
whatever they're recording it for.

Speaker 3 (13:38):
Yeah, we've seen this on Fast and the Furious movies. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (13:41):
Yeah, but they left. This is where it's really next
level because it's like a car show. They left a
small sliver of a lane open because they wanted different
cars to come do donuts. So behind where all the
cars were parked like a runway. Yes, it was like
it was like being at fashion Week in Paris Perie.

They had a little runway where the cars and so
the cars that were doing the doughnuts, the dudes, you know,
they were there. You know they'll probably get all the girls.
They were the ones coming through there, and then they'd rotate.
It was like going to the bull like Dave Roberts
going to the bullpen bringing in a new picture. It
was nuts. I mean it was the planning on this

so impressive. I mean, if you can put this ability
to something else, you'll be very successful in your life.
I don't know that you can make a lot of
money doing street takeovers, but if you can use that
level of planning and then my favorite. My other favorite
part of this is so Coop got locked out briefly,
people you know, going crazy, great planning. But then I

came back because we had to go do the show
so I can went back into the show, and we
walked back. I walked back over about maybe fifteen minutes later.
Everyone was gone, but there was one LAPD cop car
that was like it was like circling, like I felt like, Tom, hey,
everyone's gone. Okay, there's nothing left here, They've moved on
to the next intersection. Uh, but it was It was wild.

I'd never seen anything like that in person, and I
guess I don't get out much, and to have it
happen right in front of our building was tremendous.

Speaker 3 (15:17):
Yeah. Well, I don't think a lot of people have
seen that away from movies, not in person, because it
would have to happen right in your neighborhood. And obviously
they find places like in front of our studio to
do these little takeovers. Now, now I wanted to ask you, Yeah,
what was it called we used to have Eddie as
our cameraman on your show. What was that platform called?

Do you remember? Oh? Live stream?

Speaker 1 (15:42):
Yeah, yeah, this is gone. It was on it was
on Twitter. I forget what it was called. Yeah, we
used to do different yeahs that it's gone now.

Speaker 3 (15:51):
Yeah, it's a it's a past art form.

Speaker 1 (15:54):
I know, ALF right now is yelling at the yeah dummies,
I know more about the show than you do. You're right, Alf,
you do you know more?

Speaker 3 (16:04):
Yeah, we jumped that information out of our heads long ago.

Speaker 1 (16:07):
Oh, we're very talented sports take artist and as a
sports tag artist, you.

Speaker 3 (16:10):
Have to leave room for your sports take you do. Yeah, exactly,
So we used to do that weekly. Hell, the Tinderoni tips.
We used to live stream that. Uh, too bad that
wasn't around because I would have loved to see that
live during the show.

Speaker 1 (16:24):
No, it would have been It would have been great.
But Lorena did get a little video of it. It
wasn't the greatest video, but she got She's fired of it. Anyway,
it was it was pretty cool. So that was fun
and that led me by request Big Bands Big Board

has returned. Are you ready for Big Bands Big Board?
So this is like a top ten list? No, No,
we don't do lists. I do not believe in doing list.
This is Big Bend's Big Board, which is totally different
than a list I would never do a list. When
you do a list, you become irrelevant, you become part
of a list, and I would never do a list.
I would never do a list. Was it periscope? Is
that what it was? It wasn't.

Speaker 3 (17:06):
Yes, Yes, it was periscope, all right.

Speaker 1 (17:10):
I guess I'm getting old. It was a delayed reaction,
all right. So this is again not a list big
Ben's Big Board Wildless Nights at the FSR Studios Wildest
Nights at the FSR Studios. Are you ready? Danny is
now honorable mention, but not not part of Big Ben's
big Board Wildest Nights In my twenty plus years at

Fox Sports Radio in beautiful Sherman Oaks, California, at an
old Denny's, So I have homeless urination into tinted window. Now,
this this outstanding. This has happened multiple times doing the midday show.
I filled and I used to fill in the midday show.
A couple of times it happened. I didn't see it.
One time I did see it. So we have in

the old studio, we have glass that looks out to
the street, but it's tinted, so it kind of looks
like the day it's not. If you're not familiar with
how it works, you think, well, there, it's just a
weird wall. And every once in a while, some homeless
dude would get up. He'd walk behind the bushes and
he would pull out his Twigg and Berry combination and

just piss right on the glass and just show everyone
his junk. And it was wild. But that did not
make the top six Big Ben's Big Board Wireless Nights.
I also did not include what I think is the
official smell of Fox Sports trade. There's two smells. I
associate Fox Sports skunk, yes, the skunk that gets into

the air conditioning events which are on the roof of
the building, and then Sunday night into Monday, the smell
of rotting food, which is a tradition. But that did
not make the Big board. Did not do it, so
number six, I'm gonna put the street takeover at numbers six.
Numbers six the Memorial Day twenty twenty four, we just

talked to at it, so I don't need to repeat it.
But that was number six, number five on Big Ben's
Big Board. Burn Baby Burn. I think this was before
Danny g got to the company. There was a car
accident that happened right out there on Sepulvida, right next
to the studio. Car on fire right in the middle
Stry and one of our producers, one of our producers,

you know what, I got to put this fire out.
So he went out and he broke the glass on
the fire expend.

Speaker 3 (19:27):
Yes, you've told this story on the podcasts.

Speaker 1 (19:29):
One of my favorite stories about corporate corporate media. So
he breaks the glass, goes out, puts out the fire,
saves the day, and we then get a memo from management.
Now I want to I can tell this story because
a the statue limitations went out and b it's different management.
So the management out. So we get this angry memo

complaining about how expensive it is to have the fire
extinguisher reinstalled. And in the Future just can't understand it's
a couple of dollars. We really watch money in the
future just called nine one one. So it was so
great this.

Speaker 3 (20:13):
Guy, instead of getting a hero's welcome, he gets a
slap on the wrist.

Speaker 1 (20:18):
Oh it was so good. So that that is number five,
burn Baby Bird, number four, classic tale of Fox Sports
Radio never gets old. One of the most important people
in pop culture. I almost killed them. Casey Casem, the
voice of Shaggy in Scooby Doobe Doo and so many
other things. He was the most He was the most

influential radio personality with his Top twenty Countdown, Top forty Countdown.
That was how people found new music, Casey case And
there's generations of people that learned songs because of Casey Casem.
And I almost took his life out when he was
recording his voice tracking his Top twenty Countdown show and
he came out of the studio and I was to

try to get back to the studio. And if I
had not used a technique I learned in football, the
old swim technique, I would not I would not be
here right now. He would not. He's gone also, but
at the time he was very much alive. And so yeah,
that was number four, number three on Big Ben's Big
Board Wild This Nights at Fox Sports Radio, The night.

Speaker 3 (21:21):
You stole Steve Harvey's pen.

Speaker 1 (21:23):
No no, no pen no no. I did not did
not make those honor mentioned. Yes, definitely, Steve Harvey complimenting
my car the whole time story they did happen. I
walked out, Steve Harvey was walking in with his security
guard and he looked at the malomobile, the blue malomobiles.
I like that color, he said it. I heard.

Speaker 3 (21:45):
I think he was talking about how he liked certain
white people.

Speaker 1 (21:50):
No, he dare you. That's my hero. I love Steve.
Steve Harry was great man. He's he was really cool.
I was worried, you know, he was such a big star.
But he was like he wore track suits, you know,
just wandered around.

Speaker 3 (22:01):
He saw you, you know, walking around, and he told
his bodyguard, He's like, you know, I like that color.

Speaker 1 (22:06):
Sometimes, I says, normal, other than the security guards that
were following around like it was the president. But other
than that, there were Secret.

Speaker 3 (22:13):
Service guys following Rush Limbaugh a round too, and is
one in front, one and back and one was at
the door already.

Speaker 1 (22:20):
I know, I know, I understand, all right. Number three
on Big Ben's Big Board Wireless Nights at Fox Sports
Radio updated because of the street takeover. Number three. Wrong
Button Bob turns out the lights. Wrong button Bob funny
assnow Man. One of the all time great stories history
of Fox Sports Radio.

Speaker 3 (22:39):
Turn out the the Ben Show is over. Oh it
is so good.

Speaker 1 (22:45):
So uh the computer the old setup we could not
reboot our computer. They would freeze all the time because
that's old technology. And so in order to reboot the computer,
you had to go out of the studio, down a hall,
make a right turn, go in to what is really
the brain center of Fox Sports Radio's equipment, and there's
all these banks of equipment and it's just a real,

real massive room. You know, there's bigger rooms, but that
was that's pretty big. It's big enough. See you go
in there, you gotta go to the back. You gotta
hit a button and reset the computer. Great setup. So
I'm like, hey, you know, Bob, I need you to
do this here. I need no problem, I got it.
So he walks out and I'm doing the doing the

show or whatever, and like maybe thirty seconds later, everything
goes silent, like everything, and then we hear Steve de
Sager's voice giving college basketball scores. And it wasn't college

basketball season because Bob garra wrong button. Bob had hit
the wrong button. And he still does not know what
button he pressed. I've asked, he does not know what
button he pressed. But whatever button he pressed was the
magic button. It was the nuclear option, and we went
to backup programming the knock had to turn on backup programming,
unil we powered the station back on, So that was

number number three.

Speaker 3 (24:15):
Really quick, he told he was telling somebody new here
at the network that story just recently, and one thing
I didn't know, one part of it I didn't know.
He said that Carris, who's in charge of all the
tech producers, kind of saved his butt. Wrong button Bob
thought for sure he was going to get either demoted
or fired.

Speaker 1 (24:33):
Yeah, I did too. I thought we were doing yeah.

Speaker 3 (24:35):
Yeah, grand opening, grand closing, and Carris told the managers
you know him and the staff. They did a good
job putting a band aid on the problem, and we.

Speaker 1 (24:48):
Talked about it for the next two weeks. It's still
I don't know how he did it. I don't know
that you could ever do it again. I'm sure you can,
but it was just an amazing.

Speaker 3 (25:03):
Thing that is network history.

Speaker 1 (25:05):
Yeah, congratulations, Wrong Button Bob. You made the top three
Big Ben's Big Board whiles Nights at Fox Sports Radio,
number two, number two. You made the top six list,
number two. This is very important. This is also a
classic tale. If I ever write a book, I'm sure
I'll mention this in great detail. Disheveled mobster Henry Hill

wants I want to get on the fucking radio. I'm
Henry fucking Hill.

Speaker 3 (25:31):
You told the story recently on the podcast.

Speaker 1 (25:34):
So I won't get into it again. You can go
back and here one of the old podcasts. But I just.

Speaker 3 (25:38):
It was just want to go two weekends ago.

Speaker 1 (25:40):
Okay, Yeah, So Henry Hill. I went out. He said, he's,
you know, Henry Hill whatever, and I said, you know,
I just dismissed him. And then I went and googled
Henry Hill and it was he was Henry Hill, the
guy they made Good Fellas about, and he was in
the FBI Witness Protection program. He was living in our
neighborhood in lationman Oaks, but looked totally disheveled, and I

guess he had an alcohol problem. I think he died
from alcohol. Too much alcohol, I believe so, which unfortunately
a lot of our callers died from. All right, number one?
Are you ready for number one? On the edge of
my studio chair, what do you think it is, Danny?
You want to think of guests here? What do you think?

Speaker 3 (26:17):
Well? I wrote down helmet man knocks on studio door.

Speaker 1 (26:22):
That was also great in the studio.

Speaker 3 (26:25):
I set him up with my headphones at my microphone,
and he famously says this on the air.

Speaker 1 (26:31):
I'm actually on the live air.

Speaker 3 (26:34):
Yes, you're on the Yeah.

Speaker 1 (26:41):
What gave it away? Was it the microphone? Was it
the on air light flashing over your head? What gave
it away? Is? That is a wonderful, wonderful tale. But
my number one story I hope to never repeat was
the night that I was on the air on a
Sunday night with Jim Daniels. It was a shooting gallery
at FSR. The glass shot out while we were on

the air, and my my engineer, Jerry, I love him,
and I said, hey, Jerry, we just got shot at
called the cops and Jerry might or might not have
had a warrant out for his arrest, so he said,
he said, pet dude, Yeah, don't worry. And then he
his decision was to cover, to bring the blinds down

so at least if they shot again, they wouldn't know
where they were shooting. And then eventually he called the
security guard, who then had to call the cops. But
of course, as you know, Danny, if somebody drives by
and shoots you, there's really not much the cops can do.
And I mean unless you have cameras or whatever. And
I don't know they had cameras, so I think they
do now. But anyway, that was that was a big
Ben's Big Board Wildest Nights.

Speaker 3 (27:48):
So I have three I wrote down here that didn't
make your list.

Speaker 1 (27:52):
Did not make the Big Board or not a list, Danny,
it's not a goddamn list.

Speaker 3 (27:56):
Or not even your honorable mention list. So Rod and
his drunk friend in the studio.

Speaker 1 (28:03):
Oh yes, Rod drove all the way from Bakersfield where
a buddy of his and we had to have him
leave because his buddy was raging alcohol.

Speaker 3 (28:11):
Not only was his buddy three sheets to the wind,
he was handling big butcher knives. Yeah, that was fun.
That was pretty al right. Coop eating Vasoline live on
the air. That was a solid knight, Yeah, with some
listeners in attendance.

Speaker 1 (28:24):
And then drove by with the Vasoline Comedy vest.

Speaker 3 (28:27):
Yeah. And then Coop eating an eighteen hour old burger
king hot dog with old Rancid relish on it.

Speaker 1 (28:36):
Oh yeah. The J Moore Show.

Speaker 3 (28:38):
Yeah, that was now owns the Lakers. J Moore, that's right,
that's right, great, Coop eating bad things memories.

Speaker 1 (28:46):
We also had a listener were you here for this?
We had a listener coming studio who were pretty sure
did a line of coke in the bathroom, very nervous,
very shy, and then she I.

Speaker 3 (28:59):
Remember one of our doing that, and memo went out
to everybody.

Speaker 1 (29:03):
Well most of us can't afford that lifestyle. But anyway,
so yeah, this the listener came in. She brought some
food years ago and very nervous. I get it. You know,
you're not used to that environment with the microphones and
it can be a little intimidating. But she then went
to the bathroom and she came out and she was
like bouncing off the walls. And we're pretty sure we
don't know what she did, but.

Speaker 3 (29:23):
She would have fit right into nineteen eighties radio.

Speaker 1 (29:26):
All right, yeah, there was one more, one more I
wrote down here.

Speaker 3 (29:31):
It's our show. We were in our last segment. It
had been a really good show and suddenly the fire
alarm system randomly went off. Oh yes, yes, And in fact,
I have an old video. Yeah, I videotaped it, and

you can hear me say, man, our takes were so
hot early this morning that the fire system has it's
gone off, and we we literally thought that a part
of the building must be on fire, because whenever they
test it or do anything like that, they give us,
you know, notice ahead of time. Nobody said anything. It
just randomly went off that night.

Speaker 1 (30:14):
Yeah, and we're supposed to evacuate in a timely manner,
and we didn't know.

Speaker 3 (30:19):
We just show must go on, burn, baby burn. We
would all been burnt. You smeal me, I mean you
smeal me mate.

Speaker 1 (30:26):
Yeah, all right, we'll push back the great debate. But
I did want to get to the idiom of the week,
not the word of the week, the idiom of the week.
Are you ready for the idiom of the week? Idiom
all the week?

Speaker 3 (30:38):
All right?

Speaker 1 (30:38):
Idiom of the week is turn a blind eye. This
is not regularly used. I use it from time to time.
You ever used turn a blind eye? You turned a
blind eye to that, you know that kind of thing?

Speaker 3 (30:52):
Heard it? Never used it?

Speaker 1 (30:53):
All right? So the origins on this, it's an old
idiom expression, and this goes all all the way back
to the Battle of Copenhagen in eighteen oh one, and
yet it is still occasionally used to this day. It's
pretty impressive. So the expression, as the legend goes, was
a result of a former well back in the famous

hero of the English Navy, Admiral Horatio Nelson during the
Battle of Copenhagen. The allegation is that he deliberately raised
his telescope to his blind eye, thus ensuring that he
would not see any signal from the superior giving him

discretion to withdraw from the battle. So he turn a
blind eye. Is literally in combat the Battle of Copenhagen.
To use your blind eye so you do not see
the orders that you're being given because you don't want
to follow said orders during a battle is the idiom

of the week. There, boom, we'll get out on that.
Boom boom. We got to other things. We will push
back on a long weekend ahead. We'll get to tomorrow,
of course, the first day of June. Very exciting, the
turning of the calendar, and we'll see what June has
in store for us. But have a wonderful Friday. I
assume you're back today later, Danny, this afternoon, you'll be

in with your your Homiescobino and Rich.

Speaker 3 (32:24):
Yeah, gonna be in here for a fun Friday show
two to four pm on the West side, and that
is five to seven pm in beautiful. I'll let you
pick the east coast city.

Speaker 1 (32:34):
All right, Hartford, Connecticut.

Speaker 3 (32:36):
Hart Hartford. Is it beautiful there? No, it's not really good.
In semi beautiful Hertford, Connecticut. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (32:41):
I mean there's parts of it there nice, but I
would put certain streets in Hartford exactly exactly. All Right,
have a great day. We will chat with you tomorrow.

Speaker 3 (32:50):
Asta pasta got a murder. I gotta go.
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