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NightSide News Update - NightSide With Dan Rea

NightSide With Dan Rea

We started with Jeff Herman, Editor-in-Chief of LawnStarter and sister brand, Try Home Gnome to look at the shocking study that lists 2024s most lead paint vulnerable cities and Somerville, MA being the 8th most.

Then Dr. Tirrell De Gannes from the Thriving Center of Psychology looked at the equally shocking study that says 93% of Gen Zers and Millennials are focusing on mental health in 2024, with 3 in 4 seeking therapy for anxiety or depression.

Up next, Duston Whitney and his book "Demographic Deception-Exposing the Overpopulation Myth and Building a Resilient Future"

And finally, Nancy Schultz, Chair of the Swampscott Historical Commission who advocates to Save historic General Glover farmhouse from demolition.
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NightSide News Update - NightSide With Dan Rea