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Sean Moran - Cut Traded Fired Retired

Cut Traded Fired Retired

Despite the fact he was a very accomplished swimmer in high school, Sean Moran’s dream was to play professional football. Which he did.  

Sean graduated from Overland High School in Aurora and headed north to play for a coach he thought was perfect for his college career at Colorado State University: Earl Bruce. Unfortunately, Coach Bruce was fired after Sean’s first year and he considered transferring. He was asked to be on and advisory board to hire the new football coach and after hearing Sonny Lubick’s interview, he said he’d stay if Sonny got the job.  

Sean thrived under Coach Lubick and left with numerous accolades great moments including running a fumble recovery 72 yards for a touchdown against #6 Arizona in 1994 – a game no one expected the Rams to be a contender, let alone win. In 2004, Sean became a member of the CSU Athletics Hall of Fame.  

He was drafted in the 4th round by the Buffalo Bills in 1996 and spent the next 8 years between the Bills, St. Louis Rams and 49ers. He played for some great coaches (Wade Phillips, Mike Martz and Dennis Erikson) as well with a number of future Hall of Famers.   

After football, Sean became a fire fighter and paramedic which he continues to do today along with being a husband and father to three children.
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Sean Moran - Cut Traded Fired Retired