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New All Blacks coach Ian Foster talks to Martin Devlin about the year ahead

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All Blacks coach Ian Foster's more than pleased with the current relationship between the All Blacks and Super Rugby franchises, and excited for what's to come.
There's been a perception of conflict between the two camps, which has heightened due to minutes restrictions on All Blacks.
Super Rugby coaches have to limit their All Blacks' minutes in the opening rounds.
Foster told Martin Devlin that, from what he's seen over the years, the relationship between the two is strong.
"I'm continually impressed when I go and visit the franchises. We're fortunate we've got some great organisations that are really all striving to be the best they can be, a lot of motivated people."
He says that the All Blacks have little influence over how Super Rugby franchises structure their teams and campaigns.
Fosters says that having a stronghold on how the teams operate wouldn't benefit the New Zealand game.
"We can't become an organisation where all the ideas have to flow from the top down, because that's just going to stifle innovation and it's going to cause a lot of coaches to become frustrated and not become the best that they want to be." 
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