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January 16, 2018 15 mins

From the news out of Hawaii over the weekend. What would you do if a misille was coming your way.

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
What would you talk about on your on your podcast phone.
Elvis presents Minute Morning Show. And here we go. Welcome
to the day, Welcome to the podcast. It's a fifteen
minute morning show podcast. I'm here Elvis with Bethany. Hello,

and there's Scary Hi. And there's Rody Hello. There's Danielle
Straightening Hello, and uh, there you go and you thank
you for listening. All right, So a couple of things
we didn't really get to on the show. The big
show on today was we didn't talk about that that
missile alert that they experienced in Hawaii. Yeah. Can you

imagine on your phone, be be beep, you have thirty
eight minutes until a missile will hit is basically what
they hurt. Yeah, so what happened is what happened is
there is a dude and it was shift change and
so he could either he had the dropped down menu.
He could either select missile alert test or missile alert.

He chose missile alert it could happen to the best
and then said are you sure and he hit yes,
you know, Okay, So a mistake was made. But the
question is this, if you will truly believe you have
thirty eight minutes and that's it. What do you do?
And by the way, if if there was a missile

alert saying incoming missile, it doesn't necessarily mean one um
certainty that you're going to die, right right, But say
a missiles on the way, what do you do? Have
you thought about it? Yes, you call your I would
call both of my parents, and I would call my sisters.
Get you know, get that, and then I would probably

run outside and find dude and make out for a second.
Like That's probably what I would do because I love
making out so much, so I might as well do that.
And then I'm going to run thirty eight minutes and
the I'm gonna run back into my apartment, grabbed the kittens,
and hunker down in a tub. Okay, there you go.
But that's but you're there's a certainty of death there, yes, Okay,
Like I always said that if a nuclear bombs on

the way, missile, I'm gonna go up to the roof,
lick a page of acid and trip out and watch
the farworks. Reed. I don't have any acid. I'm lame
hard to find minutes to find where you can get
the hats exactly, and then you gotta let it kick in.
You know there's that downtime. Uh scary. I would eat
all the food in my refrigerator. I would just start

I just start cooking, Like what's in my freezer? Oh
my god, this this filaming young that's been sitting here
in my freezer. I'm gonna break this out. I don't
want I don't. You don't want to waste good food.
I paid good money for that. I know. All right, Brody,
what would you do? I do two things. One, I'd
eat a vegetable because I never tried. One. I would
call my in this order in case you're listening, my

wife and kids, and then my mother. And then I
would send you a text. You send me a text? Yeah,
what would it say? I'm not telling you now the
big kiss off. Tell didn't know we had issues. Here
are the Daniel. Thirty eight minutes, they're sending a missile

and it's going to hit you in thirty eight minutes.
Make sure the family is together. So if my kids
are at school, I'm going to school to pick them up.
And if my husband is wherever he is, I'm going
to say everyone, we've got to get home. We get home,
we probably have a meal together. Quickly, and we just
hug and hold on to each other until that missile hits,
and then whatever happens after that happens after this. But
I need to be together, so you wouldn't like send

the kids off into a room while you and your
husband of sex one last time. We need all I
want us all together. Oh that's crazy, sex all together?
No shut up, proces anything, it's over. Who cares? This
is nowhere nearest fun? Is that? What would you do
if you won the lottery? Conversation Straight and Nate? What
would you do? We just touched on its sex? You

have to think about it. You have yourself hopefully with
someone your girlfriend or with someone else, well ideally my girlfriend,
because you've got makeup sex, got breakup sex, and then
the only thing better is end of the world sex.
Think about think about it? What would you do? I
would try to hide from the missile. I would do

anything and everything to try to put myself in a
position that I believe would help me survive. It's going
to put himself in a position too, but doggy style.
There was something said with this missile alert, there's probably
somebody in Hawaii right now in an underground bunker, no
cell service, and they'll be there for the next three years.

They're eating campbell soup. So Garrett, the question is missiles
on the way. Rob a bank and do what you
do with the money. Think about it. You won't get
in trouble. You've always you always thought about what it
would feel like to at least rob a bank, and
I would probably get away with it. Well, I know,
but who cares? I would because it would spend the money.

There would be one thing off the bucket list of like, hey,
I was able to accomplish robbing a bank. Well, if
if robbing a bank is on your bucket list, then
who are we to question? I mean not really, I'm
not going to go out and try robbing a bank now,
but if the end of the world is coming, I'm
going to try to rob a bank because it's something
I would never normally do. What I wouldn't do is
I would rather I'm gonna scratch my last answer, rather
than go look for safety, which seems like the smart thing,

the normal thing, I would go into uh one of
the best restaurants in town, and go back, go back
to the kitchen, and I'm sure most people would be
out of there, they would have gone home, and I
was gonna I would cook myself like a great meal
on like one of the most famous stoves of New
York City that that, to me would be great. Or
I would go to one of the Broadway stages and

I would hopefully the orchestra would be there. They have
to be. They have like the tic on the Titanic plane,
and I would I've always wanted to sing on stage
on a Broadway stage. That's a movie moment, as like
the stage starts to crumble and rumble and you're like,
they're singing, Yeah, I'm singing Oklahoma. But if the missile
misses us, and then every you get to say, hey,
I sang on a Broadway stage, everybody's like, oh yeah, right, whatever, Well,

at least I know I did it. Is there anyone
you admit would admit anything to, Like say you have
something on your mind that you've always felt bad for,
would you tell them before you I'm not your mother,
Or like you're trying to call your mom to say
goodbye and someone's calling you to confess stuff. I don't care.
I gotta call my mom. I gotta tell her goodbye.

What if you really want to call someone before the
end of the world. But they're calling someone else like
they wanted to speak to someone else, not you. Through
it's gonna be like New Year's now that my life
is ending, I have nothing to say to you. You're
a waste of my breath. So we live so here
in New York we have the subway system. Do you
think that's a safe place to go in case of
a nuclear follow I don't know. Oh so we're not.

We're talking nuclear and well that's what I thought, maybe
like a missile. I don't know. I don't know. We
were talking talking about that, you know what. The question
came up with Uncle Johnny, Uncle Johnny, what would you do?
I don't know. I am I go downstairs. I don't know.
You know what. I don't think we thought about that.
When I was growing up in the South, we had
fallout shelters. They were clearly marked, and you knew that

if there was a nuclear or something going on, you
go to that fallout shelter. Right here in New York City,
I don't know what we do. We had in our
apartment building, we had a fallout sign that led to
the back door to the basement. You were supposed to
run to the basement and stay in the basement of
the Opotmer building, because I'm thinking like the closest thing
to a fallout shelter I can think of as either
like the A C. E Line at West Fourth Street,

which is like underneath the other levels of the subway,
so it's down, down, down, or like at Chelsea Market
going to Chelsea Winefeld, they have the CoV like going
into their basements. Yeah, if you're gonna be trapped with
a missile hitting up above, I would be in with
a who was an opener. I thought you had an opener.

I couldn't think of anywhere else I would go. On
the news, they kept saying the alert said, shelter in place.
What if the place you're sheltering is where the missile
is going to hit. How do you know where to shelter?
What if you're in the bad place? I run. I
know he wouldn't be able to do anything, but I
would feel comfortable being around Will Smith because because he
has those situations to survive these things so and knowing

that he has nothing he could do to stop this missile.
In my head, I feel safe around Will Smith. I
feel safe with Chris because he take anymore? No more?
I don't know. So you know, these are these hypothetical things,
but gosh, we live in this world where you're the
chances of being hit my missile are greater than winning
the latter. They seem to be anyway, Daniel would you

may know what the hell would? It's the last opportunity
for her making beef patty like something. I really like?
What you like? Please pizza? And speaking of like the
missile hitting where you are, I learned something that I
didn't know. So you know, when they say that if
there's a fire in your building, don't use the elevator,
use the stairs. Do you know why that is so

if something happens you're not stuck in the elevator power No.
I always thought it was because like it'll burn through
the cables or whatever. You know, It's because in a
case of an emergency and that is triggered, the elevator
is programmed to go to a certain floor by default,
and if that's the floor that the fire is on,
you have no control over it. It's going to take
you there. Yeah, so you don't want to be in
the car and it opens on the fourth end, I

don't think I want to rely on technology at all
during an emergency. I think it manually is the way
to do it. You know what. Volkswagen had some type
of commercial during one of the football games this weekend,
and it was it kind of paralleled to what was
happening in Hawaii. The end of the world was coming.
Everybody was trying to run out of their house, grab
as many things as possible, throw them into their car.

And this couple was throwing stuff into their Volkswagen and said, hey,
we have more room, ran back into the house, grab
some stuff. We have more room. You need more room
where the end of the world is near. You should
have a golf the dude, I have that much trunk space.
I can fit a sofa. Damn, there you have my sofa.
I just kind of woke up and realize we're talking

about you knowcture. It's a good thing to think about, though,
because if you keep your head in the sand and
you just don't want to think about it, if the
worst happens, you're going to be absolutely kind of card
I watched the video this weekend on UM what to
do if you fall into ice? Like if you fall
into ice? Fascinating and like what you do, and you

have to stay there because you're going to fall in
and then your body is going to go into shock
from the cold. And what you have to do is
relax your muscles and breathe and know that you're going
to get through the shock response. And then once you
get through the shock response, you can breathe normally and
take your next step. So you do mentally prepared on
what to do. It's fascinating say it's sort of similar
to quicksand as well. You need to relax, breathe. You're

not in shock, but you're kind of piste off because
you're in quicksands on cartoons. I thought it was just
like one of those like made up things in movies. No, no,
there is quicksand out there. But luckily I don't think
you live in the terrain is yeah, you know garbage, Well,
there you have it. I don't know. We were talking

this weekend about muscles, muscles, missiles coming in, things like that.
In the conversation went to nine eleven and here's how
we were driving through the Holland Tunnel driving to New
Jersey and we were behind a U haul. Now, the
days after nine eleven, two one if you saw a
U haul going into a tunnel, you didn't want to
be near it. You didn't trust any truck that you

couldn't see in. And so during this entire trip under
the Hudson River in the Holland Tunnel, I kept thinking, God,
there's a chance that it's gonna be curtains. And everyone
looked at me like, God, you're a downer. I mean,
I know I think that every time. You don't when
there's a truck, change lanes and go past it, because

I think to myself, Now, if the bomb went off
in water came into tunnel, would I, now there's that
railing that goes along the side, like there's a walkway
with railing, would I be able to pull myself along
that railing to get out? Because you can't swim fast enough,
but if I pulled along that railing, I might be
able to get out. Wow, So do we? And I
have my windows? Need to crack your windows because if
the windows open, you can open your door. But if

you windows are closed, the pressure is too much taken
out of car. Do we all have these dark thoughts?
As fleeting as they can be sometimes? Do we all
have these dark thoughts? They're dark. I think it's prenatural. Yeah,
I think, well, I go to a movie theater, I
look where the exits are. I do that in a
lot of public places. I was driving down the highway
yesterday and I thought, gosh, what what stops me from

from just throwing a bomb on the road right now
and blowing us all up. I'm like, who the hell
would know? Mike. They don't check you before you get
on the damn highway. Like, it's just all those things
go through my head. And I'm sitting in church on Sundays.
They don't check you when you go through the church
doors anymore, even though so much, so much has happened
in churches lately. You come right in and it's packed ams.
That could change, that could change, you never know, you know, well,

and think about evolution, you know, our forefathers whatever. Back
when we are cave people, you couldn't trust anything or anybody.
You had to constantly be vigilant. And so I think
that if when we have these dark thoughts, I think
that's just what we've had to do throughout history. So
it's good to have dark dark thoughts. Preparation thoughts were
called the preparations. Preparation thoughts I called the mommy thoughts.

I prefer to live with my head in the sand
as quick. No, no, you know what, There is something
to be said for living a life where you don't
think about block all this crap out of my head.
Every day I'm like, Wow, you guys think about this
and I don't. I don't know why. Maybe I should

pay more attention. Don't happy, go lucky. Guy I've ever met,
don't change anything. He would stay at the casino if
he got that alert. He's happy because he doesn't know
what's going on in the world. But sometimes I think
it's better to not know what's going somewhat oblivious. Honestly,
it's the same as you turning off the news, like enough,
don't I'll go on an entire weekend, and then at
the end of the weekend, I'll turn on the news

and go, this is all the stuff I missed this weekend. Well,
how would it have impacted my life on Saturday and
change the way I do something? It would not have.
So it's like watching a football game live versus just
getting the score at the end. It's still the same score.
It's a little different scaries like of mice and men.
He just stares at the flowers. I'm comfortably. You know.

Stallone made it out of the tunnel in daylight when
the because the movie Daylight, he goes into the Holland
Tunnel and there's a bomb in the tunnel. He goes
out the other way. So it is possible if anything
were to happen, if Stallone could do it, we could
do it. How far is the Holland Tunnel lengthwide distance,
It's I don't know. Half a half mile is my

max running up you're done, I mean after it half
That's why you should always know if you're halfway between
where you are, you know which is the fastest way out.
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