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March 26, 2018 15 mins

Our friend Staxx injured his arm while snowboarding in Vienna. We learn what REALLLLY happened!

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
What would you talk about on your on your podcast?
Firm Represents show. Wow, what a day. We had such
a great Monday. We had some fantastic food delivered to
us this morning, like four hours ago, and people are

still eating it. You should probably not eat that. I
love seeing all the other morning shows come down and
that you never see come down and get food. Yeah,
we never see them other one other than that, and
then when we have food, they never come down. Who
knew we had a death metal station here in the building.
We want to we want to give a shout out
to the votes with all these wonderful locations. They were

in Aberdeen and English Town there in Marlboro, a Jersey
based but they do Italian foods so well they did.
I especially like that Italian Bang Bang chicken for Bang Bang.
Check out my my Instagram page at David Underscore Brody
and watch scary John One's eating the Bang Bang trip
and licking his fingers. Did not you did not? Did

you really saying? Hey, I just messed up the intro thing.
That's okay, we'll figure it out, starting it again. We
got an extra minute. St It's scary. What's the video?
Let me see it David at David Underscore brooding, there's licking.

Look at you licking the bang bang. It's so good,
so good, but you had to lick your fingers. We
put our lives up, scary, We don't censor. That was
like on on St. Patrick's Day, I caught you a
video you eating that corn beef. It's scary. Never and
and Elvis you said, please put that up now, that's hilarious.
It was a boomerang and scary chewing. And it looked
like it didn't I mean, it looked like you were

just chewing us creepy and awkward about me eating. So
then during the commercial break, Scary comes and say, hey, man,
I know I never do this, but could you take
that down? Did really? Why not? Why did you? Why
did you take it down? I don't know? Image? He
has an image. Hey, we have to welcome our special guest, Stacks.
Hi Stacks, Hello, tell everyone why you have a He

just broke He just broke the microphone. You can't fix
it because he's missing a hand and going, look, you
can't do it himself helping him. Stacks came in before
and told me this story, and I go, we have
to tell the world this story, because if you didn't
have a girlfriend, you would get so many girls from
this story. Tell everyone why you have a bandage on
your right arm in hand. I threw myself between a

bear and a fellow snowboarder on an Austrian ski slope here, okay,
So we were in Austria. We went to do this
Radio Days convention in beautiful Vienna, which is just fantastic.
It's gorgeous. We went out with Stacks and his his
girlfriend Megan, and it was Alex and me, the four
of us. We went out and we got trashed at

them can bar. It was great anyway, So you decide, well,
you know I need to go see the countryside. I'm
gonna go snowboarding. Yeah, okay, pick it up from their stacks.
So we u were getting a train to Simmering, which
is this middle of nowhere ski town, and run the
train for like an hour, get off. There's no cars,
there's nothing. You have to walk up a windy road
with no sidewalks for like thirty minutes to find the slope.

We get there and we get our boards on and
I didn't actually save anyone from a bear. Uh. I
put my snowboard on and my feet are in the
wrong position and they're also hanging off the edge. And
if you snowboard, you know that your feet should always
be within the board and being your comfortable spot. So
I made it a couple of turns in new it
was a little bit off, so I stopped trying to
adjust it. I thought I was good, made it two

more turns, went down. Um, my elbow went into my
uh my ribs right here, all my weight went into
my arm. It's some kind of like weird gymnastand and
then just like crunched through my wrist. Wait a minute,
there really was no bear. I'm totally looking at you
differently now because you suck. Daniel was excited because you
saved some girl from a bear. I was thinking, gosh,

this is going to get him so many girls. And
then they're like, he has a girlfriend. I'm like, well,
if he didn't, he get so many girls would also
be like nine covered in cast right now. If it
was a bear, I heard it was a yak. So
so when you hurt yourself in a in a foreign
country and there was a little bit of a language barrier,
they speak German and you don't nine and so, so,

I mean, it's gotta be interesting out the little nowhere
in Austria to get help. And does ouch mean ouch
sounds German? Doesn't it? So? So uh they but was
it easy to navigate the hospital? And then they were
they were good to you. And so that was the
scariest part because you know, breaking a bone hurts, but

you're really swollen. There's a lot of shock on the body,
so you're just kind of numb for the first minutes. Um.
But once we got in the ambulance, I feel a
little bit better. No one really spoke English. They were
just like, oh so American ambulance. Big. Yeah, this one
is really small the size of this table. And they're
going like a hundred and twenty miles an hour down

these mountain roads because they know these things like the
back of their hands. You don't know that. You're just
be back like, oh god, I hope they don't crash. Um.
And then the hospital itself was really casual. They're outside
smoking cigarettes. Everyone smokes. Everyone smokes in m in the
operating room, they're smoking. He wasn't doing it in there,
but he smelled like a fresh cigarette. And to fix
my arm He's like no, no German, no man, that

he's okay, and then took my arm and start setting
it up. They wouldn't let him have any pills though.
They wouldn't let him take any pain pills. None. None.
They gave me a pill and some kind of shot,
and I asked for more for the plane and they
were like, no man in America, Like how addictive would
you like to get there? Absolutely? Yeah, let's pay back
for the war. Assuming okay. We brought Stax in to

tell the story because we wanted to hear the bear story.
Why and so you tell us it's not true now,
like this has been a waste of time, This is
like a boring I broke my arm in Austria story.
I'm really sorry. Let's work on this story, though, because
he'll tell this story to others and you can now
tell the bear story. Perfect the bear story, the bear story,
Tell the bear story. I was going down the slope

and uh, I was just killing it. Hit in three sixties,
ten eighties tons of there. And as I stopped take
a break and take a sip of water that I've
been holding with my other hand the entire time, I
noticed damsel in the stress our Frau Lin, who seemed
to be h frightened. That's when I saw the tree shaking,
and I knew there was something else lurking behind. So
I boarded over as fast as I humanly could across

the ice amphibiclated territory. And that's when the bear jumped out,
eighteen feet tall, right out with all that's might. I,
without thinking, immediately put my hand up and blocked the
bear from accessing. And so what happened. He maggled me
as good as he could. I punched him right in
his bare balls and he went down. That's a better story. Yeah,

you see that's you gotta stick with that one. The
other one said, it's it's it's it's not a sound.
My word wasn't set up right, and I felt, are
you gonna go back to Vienna? Did you love Vienna? Yeah?
I did too. It was nicely. We partied way too hard, though,
yes we did. Anyway, Well, let's hear it for Stacks,
who finally came up with a correct story. He can't
he can't clap. You just let people guess from here

on out. It's it's much better because then they have
those creative minds. And they're like, you know what happened
to you? And then you say, you know what, why
don't you tell me what happened to me? And then
people will come up with all kinds of creative stuff.
Pretty good. You don't want to know. But no, I
mean I don't have anything for you right now. Okay,

you got a bar get into a really bad bar
by bar fight in Vienna, sausage out scary. This would
have been great for you when you were looking for women.
Didn't cash. Yeah, because you feel bad, you know what happened.
Artists come through happen sign. I actually had a friend
that used to have fake crutches. He would go to

bars and he was in it and you would get
so much to you. We get free drinks. A great idea,
and that's great at Disney too. Yeah. People people that
get a wheelchair and pretend that they're in a wheelchair
so you can get to the front of the lines
at these places. That is not cool. You just need
an orthopedic boot, but a note from your doctor and
you can cut the lines. That's not because we didn't

well that's what we call. Yeah, we booted the park.
Did my daughter had hurt her ankle uh doing gymnastics
and she had a boot and she was about to
get out of the boot and we're like, hold off.
And we went to Disney World and they have a
thing where what you do is you go to the
ride you want and you put yourself on the fast
pass list. They say come back at three thirty, and
then you come back at three thirty and you go

right on the ride. You can't cut the line, which
you can. You can reserve a time, yeah, but you
only get a couple of fast passes, not when you
have a boot on your foot. So how many people
are taking advantage of For instance, when I fly from
New York to Fort Lauderdale, a lot of old people
on this plane. There's a line of fifteen wheelchairs to
get the plane. But when we land, no one needs

a wheelchair. There's like it was a miracle flight. They
were all cured in mid air. We called it a
miracle flight. The assholes, that's not advantage of the system.
Don't explain this one to me. Okay, I was in
a concert at uh, it doesn't matter where, but it
was a grassy area and we all waited online for
the meat and great to weet to meet Weird Owl.
It was a weird concert, and so I'm like, I

don't know eighteenth online let's say online, and this guy
is in a wheelchair with a broken foot. He wasn't
born handicap you a broken foot, and so they push
him to the front of the line. Right, think you
cut the like is in a wheel chair. You're getting mad.
He's already sitting down. I'm standing up. What does he
need to cut the line for? He has a broken foot,
He's sitting Why can't he wait for Weird Owl? I'm

a fan, I'm tired, right, Why does he cut the line?
I hate to say with a rare disease. He was resting,
he has a seat, he was probably in Fieri felt
down on his snowboard. He's didn't comfortably give me a chair.
I'll wait. Get so upset. Oh you should. Yeah, My
point is should he have cut the line? No? Thank you,

thank you. I'm going back in time now and tell
him that you just did the same thing in Disney
World with your daughter. That is true. You took advantage
of the system. Ankle really hurt, you know it didn't.
My daughter wasn't in a rolling chair. She was walking
with a boot. She was limping. You just got your
whole family on every single ride. Well, yeah, we couldn't
let her go alone. I'm not an animal, all right,

So yeah, you story. This guy was sitting already as
my play. Yeah. If he's sitting, he's sitting comfortably in
a cushy chair. I'm with you. That's his rush. So
I just kept it toned down. Just now, by the way,
can you do some favor next time we have food delivered,
can you eat it and get it out of the room.

I didn't leave that srimp. You always leave your plates
of food just sitting around. I got a picture of
usually a crumpled napkin accompanies it didn't linger. It's like,
I don't want to waste food. This shrimp was out
sitting out like this. Yeah, but two hours later, so good.
Oh my god, you would have thrown it out. You're
a food waste congealed. Yeah, because I don't want to

eat it. I want to I don't want to die. Well,
I wanted to eat it. I don't care. That's good.
Shrimp doesn't know the chicken palm story with Brody. We
were in pockets. Yeah, we're in Atlantis and we just
went to dinner at Carmines, and Brody of course left
with leftovers and my cargo shorts. And yeah, so we
were at the casino and Brody didn't want to go
back up to his room, but he had a whole

thing of leftovers of chicken palm. So what did Brodie do?
He put the chicken palm in his cargo shorts pockets
or the entire night. And then sometime I was playing
I got hungry playing blackjack. I whipped that right out start.
The rest of the trip, I was on his palm pockets,
palm pockets, sauce off or anything, or was it just yeah,

I kind of waste it. No, it wasn't Tin four.
I didn't Again, I'm on an them all. I wrapped
it first, getting in my head. I'm gonna put on cotton. Hey, so, Stacks,
you didn't know that we do this every day. We
have this fifteen minute morning show podcast. You should just
talk buying more. You know, don't you agree, Stacks as
a sexy as voice, we're allowed to curse on this? Yeah, no,

you really do. I mean you've always had this voice?
Is this is this why you're in this business? So
that's A. That's a great segue to a great story.
When I moved to a different high school, Is this
a true story? Crawled into my throat, all right, I
know that feeling. And anyway, so you were in eleventh

grade in high school. It's giving a presentation on something.
I forget what it was, but part of the presentation
is they do a Q and A with your fellow students.
And my answer had to do with the Dutch. And
when the word came out, I said the Dutch, my
voice cracked. Everybody laughed hysterically. And I've been to the
school maybe two or three days. Um, and I'll call
me Squeaks for the rest of my high school career. Weeks, Yeah,

the next two years squeaks. No meeting women, no getting laid.
No like I wasn't unpopular, But that's a real that's
a hard scab to get through high school with. Um.
So I think this is my this is my restitution. Yeah,
so Stacks, now, is that your god given name used
to be Tater? And when I got I used to

call you Tater. Yeah. I used to be knights in
a small market. Wait wait, you in your radio name
was Tater, Yeah, Tater on the radio. I love Tater
on the radio, So why did you change the sta
My manager in Baltimore didn't like the name Tater and
said that I had your ind of it. Where is that? Um?

So you went from Tater to Stacks. They gave me
five names to choose from what the other choose Tater
either it was Ice, Viper, Heifer, Stacks, and I swear
I can't remember the fifth one and just their We're
talking about stupid radio names the other day. Elvis Duran
wants to talk about stupid, stupid radio names. But we're

talking about people who named their morning street guys. Oh yeah,
what would you name your morning street booger? Timmyot Timmy Enema.
That's a good one, hey Aenema, we go live the streets. Enema.
What we could have been talking to Viper right now?
Viper is a cool name. How do you have a

career after that? You know? Uh? He just flounder out.
What names would you come up with? Scary? I got
nothing for you right now? Met scary because I thought
it was scary c A R y, And so I
looked at him and I said to everybody, that's not
really nice to call him that that's not nice. Scary,
he's fucking frightening. Everybody was like, no, it's scary. It's

you know, a lot of people don't know that. Most
people Stax has two or three xes to Okay, it
came with one. I wanted to add to individual a
crazy crazy Oh man, come on, yes, so scary, like
but Yonn, you just gave us. I can't help it. Okay.

So Stax and I we we don't really know each
other that well, and so we said, let's get together
while in Vienna and let's go hang out at this bar.
So we got together at this bar. It was really great.
Did you have a fun time at night? An awesome time.
We're Alex and I were fun to hang out with.
You guys were great. I've never slug back three Manhattan's
in a period of thirty minutes before. Yeah, we drank.
That was fast. We were drinking a lot at the

it's lose American bar. You want to an American bar
in Vienna? Yeah, that's what I was about to ask,
because I've heard it's a great bar, and so we
just went in. I don't know, that's like when you
go to New York, New York in Vegas. It's like
when I eat McDonald's want to go to Paris. I
don't know. Music is over. Okay, look we're done. We
talked about absolutely nothing and we loved it. Thank you

Minute Morning Show.

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