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April 9, 2018 15 mins

Garrett, Andrew and Greg T might have an idea of starting something with the morning show!

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Intimate, very What would you talk about on your on
your podcast show? Andrew? This could be trouble or this

could be a great success. It will be a great success.
I just know it. Yes, that's right. The fifteen minute
morning show is here. My name is Garrett. That is
Andrew right there. Now. You might be asking, hey, where
is everybody else? Great question? Yeah, I mean you came
to me and I'm ready let's go. You know what,
That's what I love about you, because Andrew is that
type of friend that no matter what situation you're in,

whether it be the best or the worst, he's there
to help. So that I thank you for ask where
the rest of the morning show is? Go ahead? Where
where is the rest of the morning I have no
freaking idea? All right, but you know what, you and
I we're friends enough where we could hang out for
fifteen minutes and it will feel nine hours exactly. All right.
So what you do over the weekend? Where you at

your mom's house? I mean you're a big Sunday dinner
no matter what, You're always a Sunday dinner type of guy. Yes, absolutely,
Italian family, New Jersey Sunday dinners are a must. I'm
I'm Irish and German, so I was adopted into an
Italian family being via my wife. And I've learned that
Sunday dinners, uh secret tradition it is. But don't you

feel like on Monday, like after you drink a lot,
like when you drink normally when you go out, and
you're like, I can never do that again after Sunday dinner,
Don't you feel like I can never do that again? Never?
I mean, I'm looking forward to the next Sunday, maybe
because it's not in my bloodstream as it is yours.
I mean, the best Partian, No, I'm Polish and a
bunch of other stuff. Okay, the best part about it,
Sunday dinner is and the thing that most people don't know.

You have to have it around twelve one o'clock. We
call it dinner. But yeah, no, I I know that.
I'm I guess I'm still not accustomed to it because
like Monday morning, I I wake up and I go,
you know what, carbs, carbs, I gotta, I gotta, I
gotta do every cleanse under the sun. And I'm just
maybe I'm just not used to it yet. Um Hey,
you listen to the CARDI B album yet. Oh my god, No,

I've been uh. I love bod Yell obviously, Barti A
Cardi A jam. I mean she was pretty amazing on
SNL Over the Weekend. I think this was one of
the best snls that they've put out all season long
with Chadwick Boseman, I mean, Cardi B performing and now
Cardi B about to take over tonight Tonight show tonight.
Do you know if it's all week longer is it?

If it's just tonight, it's just tonight. See they made
it sound like it was a whole week, but I
guess you can only take so much of Cardi B.
Not not true? Not true? What else? What else is
going on in your life though? Right now? I mean
after Elvis, which is a fantastic show. Everyone should be
going into Facebook dot com slash after Elvis show, I
mean fantastic. Um. And have you talked about your your

survivor ambitions after we talked to Jeff Probs? Yeah, I
mean that's h Have we gone into detail? Are are are
we allowed to? We're not allowed to go into all
the details. Let's just say that hopefully there's a future
season thirty nine, season forty we can keep our fingers.
Wouldn't you want to season forty because season forty at
least it's like celebrating those big milestones. If you were

ever to be on season thirty nine, I'll just be
season thirty nine. See that's where I disagree. Season thirty
nine is going to be perfect because it's right before
an all star season. I feel like it's going to
be perfect. It's it's going to be my season. So
so because if I feel like if you were to
end up on if you were to end up on
season thirty nine, you think season forty though on Survivor

they would, but they would go all out. Wouldn't you
want to be a part of that as opposed to
a season that that's just like I'd rather play with
all new people versus returning people because the forty season
is probably gonna be like a big legacy season. So
if you do season thirty nine, then you wouldn't you
would hold out until maybe season fifty and be a
part of that. Who knows. I mean if some people

even do back to back, you do so well on
thirty nine that you go straight into forty. Typically Gregg
t just walked into the room. There you go there.
Microphones dragged and I didn't walk in. Well, I appreciate
you coming in because you're a good friend. Again, it
was dragged in, no appreciation necessary. But it's Monday. Everyone
vanished on us, right. I want to vanish right now,

I know, but at least hang out. What what you
do over the weekend? Well, what are we doing right now?
We're doing the fifteen minute morning Show. I want to
go home. It's Monday. I don't want to be here today.
I had Scary Jones realizing that it's uh, the show
is off the air, on and rush out of here.
That's exactly what I want. You know, we will let

you go if you could do Scary Jones realizing that
the radio is off the air, and that could be
your contribution to the fifteen minute morning Show. My weekend
was busy, Uh Friday I had I didn't get out
of here until very late to your uncle's no. So
I usually like to go to the barbershop at noon,
so that didn't happen. So I had a called George

the barber, and had moved the appointment, so he made
it for three thirty. But that takes you back like
three hours. Right there, by the time I got out
of here, I almost couldn't even make it to there.
So I I said, you know what, I don't want
to go there all like in a big in a
big huff. So then I said, let me, let me
cancel that appointment. So I cancel that appointment and then uh,
he didn't have any more for the rest of the

Friday because he got booked up. So what do you do? Well,
then he called me and he goes, I could take
you in the next twenty minutes, and that happened to
be at seven o'clock. So I got to see him
at seven twenty. So I finally got my head buzz
that said twenty after seven. But that cuts into your
gym time. Well, I actually did your Garrett knows me
very well, so you're right. So then I was going
to be at the gym by seven o'clock because on
Friday nights, I like to be at the gym very late.

You're right. So um, by the time he was done
doing my hair, it was quarter to eight. You know what,
you and I as friends, I've had this conversation with you.
Let's bring Andrew in on this so great tease idea
of going to the gym, is hanging out at the
juice bar for the for a good forty five minutes
before he even starts. I love me a good juice, though,
I feel like you gotta get any job, but you
have a juice. How long? How long do you sip

on a juice? Forel I'm gonna be with Greg t
We'll stay at the juice bar. But he treats the
juice bar like it's a on a Friday. It does
not get it. I'm for time, thank you, Like I'm
not working out into the gym. You start talking to
like to say, here's nothing with the radio station here,
doesn't know that the morning show feels like like they're
my only friends here. Here's here's let me give everybody

a little clue. I have a life outside the show.
Other people know me. His name's uncle Ted, so any
it's not uncle Ted. So when I go to the gym,
I'm like, yo, what, I'm like, there's all kinds of
you know, these guys make your friends call you T
two and not Greg because I think a normal person
would call you Greg. No. So like my buddy Eric,

So like Eric comes in and he's like, Yo, what
I'm teting. I'm like, yo, what's going on? He sits
down at the juice bar. So we start hit chatting
how a week was? We have we order a juice.
Then there's a Stephanie is the girl that works at
the juice bar. She she's like, she's like, yeah, what's up, Eric,
how are you? And I'm like, yo, how she got
her lips done last week? So our lives a little
more plumper now, looks like. But I don't talk about

the stuff because the morning show they think I have
no friends? Does does what's her name? Stephanie? Stephanie? Does
Stephanie know your juice? Like you walk up, you don't
even have to say a word, and she knows what
juice you want? But I like C four. Sometimes I
get C four and uh go on ice the juice there, Yeah,
that sounds like an explosive. By the way, C four.
It comes in a powder. But you can also like

they mix it with bananas and fruits and blueberries to
make you like your smoothies. I can't do smoothies anymore.
The juices, all that other stuff. It just does not
I don't know, it's it's not a good time. Well, okay.
So so that was Friday night, and then I did
on Friday the gym and I got there late. We
haven't even hit midnight on on Friday night yet. And

my buddy Eric wasn't there because he actually he just
wasn't there. I don't know what happened, but he wasn't.
I don't have his phone number. We don't talk to
each other like that. So you're Jim buddies. We're Jim buddies, right,
So I swan he was not there on Friday night,
So I hung on Friday night. I got out of
the gym. I yes, like nine thirty because I like
to stay there late on Friday. So it's like nine
three quarter ten. By the time I got home was
ted of teen and I really would have to have

a cigar, but I felt it might have been too late.
Do you call Uncle Ted? I did. I told him
what was happening. I told him it was a rough day,
rough start. So I never even made it to Uncle Ted.
Shed to uh have a cigar. You know they're on
Saturday night. I know you're I know you and Uncle
Ted are very tight your Uncle Ted, but just the

way it sounds like you even laughed at it sitting
in uncle ted shed. I have to tell you, but
it is nice. If you can think of the fargo.
You guys have seen fargo. Yes, think of like a
an outhouse on like a pond that's frozen over with
like a hole in the middle. That is really what
my uncle's shed looks like. My friends have a tent

on their balcony, and we go and sit on their
tent in the balcony. It's greatly Yeah, their bathroom in
the shed. No, I go outside. I just I pe
outside outside on a on a ship on the grass. Well,
we all know that I enjoy peeing outside any No, no,
we know that you're very outdoorsman. You're an exhibition I
do like that. I just feel so free. Have you
ever done that? You don't let it go? And it's
just so nice outside. Yes, when I was too you know,

to worry about like, you know, hitting the mark, you
just you could see anywhere you want. When I was
in Disney World, when I was a kid, we were
on Spaceship Earth and I pet in my dad shoe.
That was real commitment. You see what I'm sounding true?
But notice you said when you were a kid. Yeah,
that's true. How far is the bathroom from from? Like
I had to go all the way around his pool,
back up the stairs of his pool. I was back down.
If you're enjoying herself, don't go inside in a selling

cigar at that point, because it's not your house, Andrew.
I mean, if it was your shoe that your dad
pete in. I mean, you gotta do what you gotta do.
It's all. So we watched Full Metal Jacket in his
shed and we had a sugar, had a cigar. It
was seriously because he now ran electricity over his pool
into the shed. So he has I tell him, as
you're wired up and he has WiFi, the electricity over

the pool sounds like a great idea. Well, no, it's covered,
it's covered, it's covered. So um then and then he's
got WiFi. So he streamed um a full Metal Jack.
So we watched Full Metal Joy still on Friday, Saturday Saturday.
He couldn't go to Uncle Ted's on Friday, so Saturday
Saturday also Saturday, Sam Uh Sam for the morning show.

I worked with her early at Goodwill right a goodwill
that was nice and a good turn out. How many
how much clothes did you donate. We I donated a
lot of clothes, and I'll tell you why I donate
a lot of clothes this time. So my mother in law,
her brother died and they were cleaning out his apartment
and he has a lot of clothes, so there's no

no nowhere to go with them. So I donated all
of the dead man's clothes to Goodwill. Andrew donates clothes
all the time the time. It's a good thing, right, So,
so good was I donated all these clothes. Um, so
that was as a good haul. And then on Sunday,
hold on, what's that one piece of clothing you'll never
let go of? For me? I have a hoodie from
high school that I never will never talking about this.

I never get rid of shirts like sleep shirts, and
I had sleep shirts all the way from like seventh grade,
so you sleep by the shirt. I can't sleep with
a shirt on anything. No, I don't know. Te sleeps naked, right,
I do, Yes, I do slip naked. But I have
a lot of old T shirts with my fraternity letters
on them that I can't never get rid of them.
I can't do it. No, So they five sigma cap
right across. I can't their mind. You can wear your

letters out. I'm actually in the middle middle of ordering
new shirts with letters on them. I want it again.
I'm not. I haven't grown out of it yet. Now,
given you are as Greg t the frat boy on
the radio. But when you put your letters on, have
you been recognized just for your letters alone out on
the streets. Yes, yes, A guy of they a guy
will notice me, come up to me and he goes

YO five sig and then he comes over gives me
this the special handshake, and then he whispers the code
into my ear, so I know that it's really him,
and I feel like because then I'd be cornered and
people will be whispering secret words and tonight that's like survivor.
Though no, they don't do that. But how would you
know if the guy's really in your fraternity or not.
I don't need I mean, I feel like, well, wait,

so you're telling me like young kids come up to
you and know, like guys that have been in college
or out of college that you know, you don't really
get to use it when you're in college, but it's
it's it's when you're out of college that you bump
with to somebody that's wearing the letter to the special handshake,
and then you whisper in the ear and you say
you know the special code. But you went to their
brother Andrew, you went to the biggest party school arguably
in the country. Though, yes, but I mean we also

don't go up to each other and do the secret
shake and the secret code to be like you went
to U M and then like high five and like
part of it. That's part of being in a fraternity.
I'm sorry. Brotherhood's freaked me out. I went to an
all boys Catholic high school and I'll tell you that
was like, like I was terrified of the idea of brotherhood.
They just remind me of like cults, and I'm like,
I can't do it. A cult that hits you in

the nuts all the time. That was the thing. I
still don't get it. But no, it's good to have that.
You got it. Then it shows your your your way
of belonging. You're part of the crew, part of the club.
I mean, I feel like I'm friends with you. We
don't have a bro handshake. I would do it literally
make him make fun of us. Why don't we make
a handshake? I would totally do that. But I think
that everybody here would make fun and be like what
sid But here's the thing. You to go over the

top of the handshake. It has to be subtle, subtle
enough that we know it's something. The secret word. We
need the secret pass. Right, Well, I do something with
my kids already, and I do something with Ella's soccer team.
So no, every that's that's Polish. No, that's not it.
So you have he's never heard of that before. Come here,
that's Polish. Come here, I'm learning something. Spots. You don't know.

You're not Polish. I did not understand all this fish.
I don't know what You're as much Polish as he
is Jewish. So the handshake we do at home is
always do top bottom together boom. So what we do
is if I put my fisted out, then all the
everybody that knows me, they put fisted out. I don't
have to say anything. They go top then bottom. Then
we go together and would let go boom. So then

your hands do with their whole soccer team, so you
all know it. My my nieces do it. We can't
use that that's a secret. Then, well, yeah, I can't
do that. I think I should bring it up to
Nate and see if we could all create the secret
handshake top the mornings. Your handshake, Yeah, dude, I Andrew,
please if I can have this way forever. At events
like Dysfunctional, if we're at like, uh, I don't understand

whatever we're doing, the fans will come up and we'll
be like, you know, the secret Handship's right? You need
you need a word, you need are you're saying, we
started fraternity. That's what really it should be, but no
one wants to freaking listen to me. But we need
like what would be like a fraternity sorority because we
can't just have the letters it's E d yeah, so
E would be a salon absalon delta. You have to

do M M s A show. What's what's in the
Greek letter are omega? So you have uh so ebsalon
delta omega. Let's think about this, think about this Elvis
Durant show. So you need an ask, Let's think about this.
We'll think about this and we'll continue this tomorrow on Tuesday.

By Sigma Sigma Sigma there alt delta Sigma break to
you're a genius. We'll talk to you tomorrow the fifteen
minute morning show

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