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September 5, 2018 16 mins

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
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are the best sheets ever. What would you talk about
on your on your podcast Firm Presents, because Nate's got

to got an hour and a half. Shut up, man,
Actually it wasn't that bad today. Yeah, it was traffic
at four in the morning. You wait to you go home? Now?
Really that bad? You guys have been Nate went from
from from being a person who walked to work ten
fifteen minutes a morning to a person who then commuted
by subway but for like a half hour, and now

you are a full on commuter like most people that
listen to us. No, no, he's not a commuter. He's
a double commuter because he's not just going like over
a bridge and he's home. He's going to another state
and you're driving driving the first time in five years,
I drove to work the first time in five years.

I was trying to think of the last time I
drove to work, and it's actually with no traffic, kind
of peaceful and relaxed, is it? Though? You have summer
Fridays until the end of October when people all even work.
When we leave work, you're screwed. I'm telling you, Fridays
a nightmare. If you don't get out of work and
get home from from where we work by twelve fifteen,

the tunnels, the bridges, everything backs up. I will say
the good thing about this for night, as opposed to
everyone harping on the negative, is that it will get
you out of here earlier, so you're not here but five.
But that's not that's like, that's like smokers who take
a break. You don't get to leave her all like
you have a commute. Well no, but it's not. I'm
not saying that he's not gonna stop working, but he's
gonna get out. He's going to be incentivized get all

of his work done so he can get out of here.
You're not gonna deally dally like he know. You bring
up a good point, because I've been thinking about all right,
I normally have a phone call at one thirty in
the afternoon on Sundays, and you know what, I'm taking
executive power and I'm moving that phone call. I'm moving
in to a time that's convenient for me in your
car when you're not moving. Like just now, some guy

we were hanging out with, he's like, dude, I want
to meet with you guys three pm tomorrow afternoon, and
I'm like, no, I work. And that's the thing people
don't get in there was Hey, can we meet tomorrow
at four? I'm like, no, no, Well that's the other Yeah,
we do a lot of work with people on the
West Coast and they get into work around nine am

and we're waiting around until twelve one to three o'clock.
Just by the way, is the only reason why I
still continue to have a landline at my house, because
you know, most people that's a thing of the past,
but because the West Coast and there were situations where
I need to talk to people on the West Coast.
They'll cause ladies eight nine o'clock at night, and I'm like,

you know what, I that's when my cell service sucks.
I living in an apartment building. Fuck it, I'm continuing
to have a landline. I don't think that what is
the landline to do with it? Because I'm it's shitty
cell service and I need to conduct business. And the
West Coast people are, yeah, why do you make Is
that why you make me use the house phone when
I I love the house phone because yeah, it's still
it's clear. I will say, anytime I talk to you,

you say, call me on your house phone. You forget
how clear a landline is. I gotta say, though, no
company on the East Coast or in the Central time
zone should have a help desk or rely on anyone
on the West Coast. When you have to wait till
your day's half over to lay mosey into work at
nine o'clock West Coast time, you're screwed. East Coast. Yeah,

we've had some situations where we needed someone in our
company who works in California to verify something. Well, our
show is over by the time to get to work.
We can't wait for them. Well, you need to help USK.
We have helped desk in Texas, the Health needs help
desk in Texas. The two hours behind, one hour doesn't matter,
it's too late. And you've been on these these texts
or these these emails where we have to set up

a phone call with somebody in the West Coast. Oh,
bear in mind, we're on West Coast time, so it
needs to be a little bit later. Like, no, bullshit,
I've been up since four am. You make the phone
call when I can do it right. Also, here's a rule,
because I had this problem with my friends and who
moved to California. If I give you a time, it's
the East Coast fucking time. If I tell you, If
I tell you we're drafting on Fantasy Football League at

seven o'clock tonight, don't ask me what coast. I don't
give a shit about your time. You know I'm talking
my time because I'm the one sending the email and
everyone else in the league is East coast. Who's the
worst coast time? No, we're not doing it. No, I'm
not doing seven o'clock your time because ten o'clock my time.
Why the hell would I do a draft at ten
o'clock my time when I gotta be at work at
five in the morning. Great, just walked. I like the

Beard man. The Beard's the best thing he's done in
the whole time. A more day, I'm gonna say one
more week. Not only that, shave the head, the beard,
it's coming. No, this was an accident. You understand what happened.
We were on vacation and like, instead of let's let's
just say hypothetically, instead of shaved my face on a Tuesday,
I said, get a little scruff there. And then I

started laughing at myself and I said, what would it
be like if I went to work with hair on
my face? That's not hypothetically, that's actually what happened. Telling
you guys what great did to us last night When
we're talking about fantasy football draft last night, I'll drop
him drop I'll be in Chris Manzo Boom, the Manzo
Brothers formerly of Real Housemally of Famous Damp. Yeah, little

thing about the draft pick. So it was it was
we do a live draft pick. It's old school, it's
and and the essence of live means everybody's in the
same room. Were throwing jokes, were trash talking. That's the
spirit of a live draft. That's why you would have
a live draft. Well, we were all live in in
my buddy's place. We were having pizza and beer and

it was Central Jersey and it was great and it
was seven thirty at night and Greg t checks in
on fucking FaceTime. Hold on face time, makes us set
up a camera on iPad to face the big board.
Did so to face the big digital board so he
could see it. And then we were watching him on

a TV monitor like we were in like a classroom,
and they reel did I wouldn't I wouldn't allow you
in my league. Okay, the guys, here's the thing. Okay,
this or this is the one time to listen. It's
just the one time in the in the entire season,
but you have to be face to face this league
that we're involved in. They could not get a date

squared away. They kept changing the dates over and over again,
and then finally they chose this one day. And the
thing is that I have two kids that are going
to school next day, meeting today, and I wanted to
be there, kiss him good night and do that whole thing.
Then they wanted to have this draft very late at night,
which I it and do because I get up super
early to do the five am pre show. Hypothetically, you
didn't shave, hypothetically, right, So all these things amounted to

me saying, guys, I can't make it. So then yes,
they accommodated me by saying, we'll do it on FaceTime.
So I did do it on FaceTime, which is great.
And the funny thing was they were going over they
were going ranking on my Instagram and they were going
through it and they go, yo, T, how come Chris
Manzo's got to water and almost three to thousand followers
and you only got a hundred forty thousand followers. So

this is I wanted to touch on. Here's the thing.
You know, everybody's Instagram followers, you know, fluctuate, but you
know with the Manzo's, they haven't been on TV in
a while. These are old school followers. He's got these
from when he was like a stud unlike you know,
the Bravo show, Desperate Housewives, whatever, was Swives in New Jersey, whatever, Caroline,

And I wanted to say, these are old school, old
school followers. They have no new school followers. So he's
ranking on me. But Brody, you know, and you know
social media today, you could not do a draft like
on an iPad, like in the middle of the day.
Why do you do it at night anymore? You don't
do it at night anymore. It's not a thing here's
a thing. Anytime you want. If I was in the
league where guys were gonna do it at night and

I couldn't make it, I wouldn't be in that league.
That's why would you not want to be in the league.
Name all right, Well, here's the thing. Has this league
always done a face to face in person draft. Yes
they have. They have since the beginning. In fact, were
fighted in in the second year. Yes, you guys, guests.
I was in the second year, and Gregg he couldn't
get into the third year. He finally joined, Come on, man,
let me in, and so somebody bailed out and I

got it. In that case, I would say you would
have to suck it up and do this one thing,
this one draft. Absolutely, But if he's not gonna suck
it up, he shouldn't be your wife. That you don't
want to hear that they couldn't get a joy for
Tom's league. Listen, But to your point, your point, if
you'd always done it online, great, great, continue it online.

But if it was always in person, you gotta go
up to be honest. How many picks? How many rounds
was in sixteen seventeen, Yeah, that's no hold on team everyone, dude,
every we do seventeen everybody eight started, eight bench, nine stars,
seven bas No, shut up? How many of your sixteen
picks did people make fun of you? Okay, hold one studs?

How scary he's gonna make fun of you. I've seen
your teams. You never have all studs? Do I have
starts in the room? Studs? The rams of third ranked?
Why would you take them? Because walked in on the
middle of sports Talk. Elvis, can you believe he drafted

a defense in the tenth round? I don't even know
what that means. Fantasy people like Elvis can't even cut
conceptualize drafting a defense in the tenth round. I'm so
sorry I walked in. This is this is the worst
podcast about scary. You know I was roating to this.
I didn't even want to talk about sports. Gregg Tea
is upset because he couldn't make it to the Manzo's
house last night for a draft. God do you remember
the Manzos? Yeah, everybody think was being dropping. I don't

know what you're talking you know who was dropping there? Okay,
he took a defense in the tenth round? My phone,
I gotta I took a defense in the eighth round,
eighth round, But because my team was more what's your
team name? What's your team name? The button with thunder
no t Why don't you tell them when you took
that random pick that nobody could find on the board

into fourth round? Yeah? Why do you list the order
of Gray Burton? You know who he is? What round
did you tell he took? Trade braids a ninth round
tight end at best? Okay, I know the whole history
of trade. Yeah, I went, then I went Hill, then
I went Drew Brees and the round, dude, quarterbacks or

twelfth round this year eleventh fired crazy, dude, he's the
eleventh ranked quarterback. Listened and then her phone, Oh my god,
give up your band card or your woman card if
you can, so what we show them? Tell him he didn't.
He still didn't upload. He still didn't upload. Yeah, he took,

he took Drew Brees. And if you're listening to this,
you got he comes a third ranked running back on Okay, okay,
he is not their rank. If you know nothing about
fantasy footballer, google Fantasy football eighteen, went to pick a
quarterback and if you see third round Drew Brees, you
tweet us and let us know. Honestly, I haven't done

my research because I'm not in the league this year.
That is, I'm sorry that I'm I'm a defending Super
Bowl runner up. Are you up? Hey, I'm defending second
placebo says that, hey, I'm the Falcons. I lost to
the PATRIOTSCT Prize when he got his money back. That

was the second You could have picked the seventh or
eighth best running back in the third pick, and you
picked a thirteenth round quarterback. I know when I'm picking
who I'm picking. I got it. Set a market here,
write it down. David Brody says, Drew Brees will be
the eleventh or twelfth best quarterback this year. I came
in second place. He's got thirty nine and the guy

has barely any injuries. He plays in a dome, and
the awaken's incredible. Last year he was the twelfth best quarterback.
Was not his stats. He only had twelve interceptions last year.
Do you think about that touch brought this up in
the first place. Greg t was not. He wasn't one

of the boys last night. I really wanted you to
be there and be one of the boards. Heave more
over FaceTime than I did in life. Why don't you
tell them what you did do? I moved him a
couple of times. He walked in stark naked on camera.
I walked in, start and right, twelve guys right. They
loved it. Is this the reason that you wanted to
be on FaceTime because you couldn't actually be naked in person?

I couldn't know. I really want to pick my kids.
I wanted to kiss him good night. I talked him
into bed for the one to school. But did you
have to get naked for this? Or? I thought I'd
entertain them by being a little And then he puts
up a sign over the camera. His greg t is
on auto drag. Then then he takes the card away
and he's sitting there and his doctor shoes cat in
the hat out. I take back when I said this

would have been way more entertaining. They were laughing every
time I went to the closet. They're like, he's going
to the closet. Something I can I read something off
off the fantasy football website. I hold on eighth ranked,
eighth ranked quarterback. Let me tell you what it says.
Thirty nine year old Drew Brees enters his eighteenth NFL
season twelfth with the Saints. Breeze has long been a

top five quarterback until last year when he was eleventh.
Best hold on uh. Breeze has always been an elite player,
but he no no longer needs to throw his much
hold on He take him in the thirteenth or fourteenth round.
At best he was back up quarterback. He would have
been gone, why this someone else doesn't know what it's
doing better than half the other other quarterbacks down Anyway.

The point is then every time, every like two minutes
would change, he got into his mark Sharpie outfits where
he was the referee and he was wearing his football
helmet and he was calling a lot of numbers. That's all, yeah,
play bingo numbers, right. Actually, this is pretty entertained because
they don't take this a bingo thing. So they're taking
so long. So I brings up to the cab and

I'm like, I'm like I twenty two quick quack calling
them all and like I'm like, be nine bingo, And
it was I take back everything I said. I think
it's a great. In fact, I think you should do
it tomorrow for the show. I would face time from
your house. I will play bingo and face time from
a house. No problems. He won't have any time to
shave though. Yeah, I'm saving. Since I get home, I

have an appearance to go to right now. I have
to go do a Grand Open with Doug Donuts. They
won't recognize you. I have to go take a crap
before I leave, because I have I feel it. Di
rus are coming out. You gotta go before you go.
Trey Burton ranked sixth best tight end UH average pick
selection seventh or eight rounds, Like, it doesn't matter the
average pick because I have him on my tea. Yes,
but you could have had a running back three and

Super Bowl runner up, and I paid Barber the third string,
the third string and Tapa back. Give me this crap,
you'll see what he don't bother you research in fact man,
fake news. I gotta go pee in my pool. All right,
we're back the fifteen minute Morning Show

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