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November 15, 2018 15 mins

Gandhi has found out what gets under our skin! We talk Toy Story 4 and does Jake ruin the podcast?!?!?!

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
All right, what would you talk about on your on
your podcasts show? You know, we did so well yesterday,
Gandhi Danielle. Yeah, people requested we come back for another

fifteen minute morning show, just the three of us, and
I'm hearing that they would like a new, revamped fedge Ham. Yes. No,
we can get into that in the second. But it
made me think, you know, movies like Free Willie did
so well, they made Free Willy too. Yes, Toy Story
did it four times. Yeah, yeah, but Free will Too
wasn't as great as it really wasn't, So this could

be the worst podcast ever already, But the Toy Story
franchises kept going it did, and then eventually, how do
you think Toy Story four ends, by the way with
the Toy Story five on the way? No, no, it's
the last one. I don't know. I think what he dies,
what he can't done the toys? The last? You think
someone's going to break him? I think, yeah, I think
he gets thrown in the trash hopefully. Now I think

he'll come by. I think Brodie will stop in. But yeah,
so we're just talking about our coworkers, because you know,
we're talking about how well people loved listening to our
podcast yesterday, and some people suggested that we have a
revamped podcast of another kind that we do. Danielle great
T and I had this one called Fedham. What is

fed Cham? Who knows? But it was a podcast that
we did, did ten episodes over the course of like
nine years. We may be doing it again, I don't know.
And and just like in Fresh Prince of bel Air
they had am viv the first like four seasons and
then season five they switched out M five with a
new with a new m F. I don't know the season,

so I know people are gonna listen to be like
it's six, don't don't worry about I get it to example,
So I think we might swap out Greg T of
fed Cham and replace with the one and only Gandhi.
That is from a suggestion of several people on the Instagram. Look,
I think it's awesome and I think she would be

a great addition. But I think Gregg T will be
upset because the name fetch Ham is his. He came
up with that. Listen, I watched the Facebook movie, so
I know how to take him the court. Oh, you're right,
can we all just do it together? I don't want
to step on his toe. We're not going to do it.
So it's it's always a bunch of talk, like it's

like I'm going to get a million dollars and then
like five years like, hey, what happened to that million dollars?
I never got around to it, right, spend it all
over years. It's a lot of talk at times. But still,
but we could give it a try with Gregg T.
And then you know, without and by the way, he
went on the air and broke up with us, Danielle,
he did and said that he was going off on

his own venture with again a podcast he said he
was doing with Elvis and Gandy. You were there in
the studio. That was three weeks ago, and that has
yet to happen. Yeah, that's not gonna happen. Okay, So
is it like a Greg T thing? I don't know.
And I started thinking about that too, and and daniel
I think you could jump in so great tea. You
know when when you break up with someone and they
say it's not you, it's me. Yeah, I think that's

the situation we're in with him, where he's been on
several podcasts and they just so happened to fall apart,
so it's him, not you. Yeah, but he'll blame us,
which which you know in all fairness. At times, yes,
he tells us that it's our schedule, that I'm ready
to do it, but your schedule. But it's not true.
It's three people's schedules were being pulled in all different directions.

It's hard, so we actually would need to say Tuesday's
at ten fifteen. We're doing the podcast, keep it a
whole time. So I think if it's gonna happen in
the future, that's what we're gonna have to do. We
were doing it whenever we have the opportunity. Well, you
guys know, I'm down for whatever. Ill how about with anything.
But I will say it's been very fun over the
last couple of months to get to know everybody because

everyone has their own quirks. And my favorite thing as
like the youngest sibling in my entire and the youngest
and my whole face emly is I like to poke people.
So it's really fun to figure out what pass everyone off.
Your child that went to the zoo and tapped on
the glass to see if the animals would come close.
Absolutely not. I hated the glass tappers. I always wanted
the glass tappers to get attacked by something because I
was like, you're strugging out the gorilla, stop it all right,

But when it comes to humans, I am the glass tapper.
You love to tap on the human glass. Brodie's my
favorite because Brodie is so easily like without telling him,
like you, whatever he hates, Godi does on purpose from
no likee. He like, he made a little line because
we sit right next to each other. He made a
little line and was like, your stuff does not cross

this line. My stuff is on this side, your stuff
is on this side. So purposefully, I just pushed my
stuff over onto his side, and I see it comes
sliding back over and I wait till he's not looking
push it back gets so poor. Just telling him he's wrong.
So even if I'm joking, just telling him he's wrong
talking about we're just going to talk about, you know,
just random whatever. This is where you could start poking

him to see. So everyone listening is in on the joke. Yeah,
we're all on the joke, but Brodie's not so. And
the best part about Brodie too is he's an only child,
so he doesn't play well in the sandbox with others.
So him getting poked, most people just poke you back,
you poke Brodie, He's like, you shot me, I'm dead.
He's also a guy that loves to play jokes and
tell jokes, but when he's on the butt end of

a joke, wasn't like it. But that's the way a
lot of comedians are. Lots of funny. People can't take
the jokes. They can, but they can't take it my
favorite we're about to see it, okay, and then eventually
when you feel like you're you're done poking, uh, then
we'll tell him, Hey, we'll let him in on the joke. Okay,
But you guys have to back me up with what
I say. Say that you looked it up, okay, because
we got into it the other day about a grammar thing. Okay,

so you you say, ok alright, no, but yes, so
I think definitely to Tory, story four is going to
end that way. Where would he just totally gets thrown
out in the trash And that actually is a monstrous
ending to anything with Disney Pixar movie. Yeah, you cannot
throw I even felt that cried. They said they cried

at the final scene. But I felt bad for love.
What was his name? Loves a lot? What was his name?
The Pink Bear? I don't know. I didn't you didn't
see toy story. I know I'm waiting and I've heard
I love, Welcome, Welcome, the microphones work. Just moved the
headphone piece. I hear you come in here and destroy

the podcast. I didn't detroy that. You guys begged me
to come in here. Here we go. Can I tell
you the rock station next door. Yeah, they're celebrating Jim Carr,
who's the morning show guy here in New York on
Q three, got inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame.
Now you know how we celebrate with food? Yeah, there
is so much crazy food from chef get out of here.

We talked about this yesterday. Gourmet pastries, a peacamp pie
that looks heavenly. All right, So you chose nod over
the post, see this one we did yesterday. I went
next door to congratulate Jim on his induction, and I
did not have one piece of food. Nothing. Peter he
left for the day. So I came here now and
you guys called me in. Is it all sweets or

is there like solid food? It's barbecue out there. Yeah,
there's whole Chinese buffet. Said yes, there, lying that's fine.
Bertie turned around. I'll back. So we were talking about
you and I got into a little spat the other
day about grammar, and we looked it up. And everyone
says that I'm right, aren't I'm right now? You are not.
I spoke to two teachers. You are wrong. Now, she's right.

We look and we had we had professors calling in.
You may have you may have not phrased it the
way I phrased it exactly. I'm telling you. But what
I said was Aquarius. Oh, that's me, and scary enough.
If I had said me and scary are aquarius is?
That would be wrong. I right what I said. For
the straight guys, what I said was everything Aquarius, that's me,

which is correct, And then I said and scary. It
doesn't become incorrect ed scary. The way you can tell
if a sentence is structured properly is if you take
the other name out of it still makes sense. So
if you say, um, I went to the store with
Andy and Danielle, that would make sense. But I wouldn't
say she went to the store with Gandhi and I.
People think you say ah, you do not at the
end of no. But where you mess up, You're not

wrong in saying me. You were wrong in putting me first.
You never put yourself first, so let's put yourself. So
you're wrong. That's not true. We looked it up. I'm
telling you in that particular case because I couldn't have
said it without scary if I had said, that's me,
oh and also scary. That's correct. Now I can also
say she went to the party with me and Danielle.

Danielle and me. No, you do yourself first. You don't
start a sentence with Nobody wants to hear this. I'm
sure we looked it up. I'm telling you. I'm telling you.
First of all, my mother is a school teacher. I
checked with her school teacher. I checked with her school
telling you that it's correct to say she went to

the store with me and someone else. You can't say
I went to me and heart went to the store.
That would be incorrect. But you can absolutely say me
because I could have said, oh, Aquarius, that's me, right,
and if I go it was just the wording it
should have been. If you wanted to say me, it
should have been scary and me that you can say
that's both me and scary. You didn't. There's no website

that says that sentences. You can't google that exact sentence,
that sentence we put it into is this grammar correct English?
And it came back and said that's calling and discussed
that it's going to be tough on the podcast because
we don't get live calls. That's why it's perfect for
me to make that off. No, no phones. Are your

feathers successfully ruffled? No ruffled? Look you guys, because when
you guys make mistakes, I don't point it out. I
feel like one of we're gonna have my lightning. One
of you constantly makes the end I mistake when it
should be and me and I don't say anything. Is
it me? Is it I? Y? You're wrong? Go ahead anyway.

I can't. I can't imagine you called who We get
back to talking about toy story and no, you know
what we called you in because I saidst to be
a part of it. That's fine. One we want to
do in here, but too, I said. My favorite thing
now is figuring out what triggers everyone and I have
figured out the way that you are triggered. No, I'm
just triggered. I feel that's fine. I'm not upset. I'm

not triggered now if you would if we had talked
politics or religion or sports, I get I get into,
but as far as grammar, I just feel bad for
you guys. Oh, can I tell you somebody I have.
We have a rule on the Brooklyn Boys podcast. It's
mostly my Ruins, Scary agrees with it. It said, if
you're going to correct someone because he doesn't have to
hear you, that's correct, whatever, don't play as long as
that's right, don't as long as I'm right. And so

I have a rule that is, if you're going to
correct someone, like when people are text in the you
know you're wrong about like for instance, uh, the c
m A Awards were last night. People think you're saying
awards awards, but it's actually the Country Music Association Awards.
So people on Twitter were like, you know it's the
c m AS, not the c m A Awards. And
again I say, if you're going to correct people, be right.
That's all you got into. It was an employee here,

so I was talking to the interns and one of
our interns. Katie is wearing really cool pants that are
hounds tooth. That's the pattern, that black and white, weird
check aboard looking thing. It's called hounds tooth. Danielle will
tell you I was I worked in women's retail from
me That's where I actually met him at the first time.
I was a manager at Express. What are you buying?
Do you remember that? I don't remember. I remember there's

ad a large bany and I was thinking that girls
must be making money in radio I can. And so
the interns didn't know that pattern was called hounds tooth.
And if you're listening to this and don't know, google
hounds tooth, be like, oh, that's what it's called. It's
one of those things, right right. So about an hour
later I came back out and another intern had come
in and I said, did you admire Katie's pants? Do
you know what those are called? And she said no,

I said, and Katie said, oh, they're called hounds tooth.
I just learned that there and I said, yep, hounds tooth.
And Webb girl Kathleen, who was a fascionista on the show, said, Brody,
come on, I said, what just you said, hounds tooth.
It's pronounced how's too You said it wrong, I said, no,
I didn't, it's hounds tooth. For a second, I thought,
I'm I'm pretty sure I'm not wrong on this one,

and so I said, what are you saying? She said,
it's pronounced how's tooth. No, it's not even so right.
So I said, no, it's not, it's it's Then Katie
looked it up. It's like, no, it's also called dogs tooth.
It's based on the pattern it looks like teeth. So
Kathleen looked it up and went, oh, my god, I've
been saying it wrong my whole life. Did you get

a little bit around? Of course he did, Oh yeah,
he's like, ye, better than being right like I was
ten minutes ago. And you guys, are you so? So?
I think tomorrow, on tomorrow's show, which would be the
Friday show for us, we may discuss that phrase you
always thought you knew, but then you realized you were
saying it wrong the whole time. And we always do
that with points what people say like I was taken back,

but it's taken I don't really When people say I
could care less a chance you have a chance to
watch the weird Al Yankovic parody of Bloodlines. Your favorite

you A definitely the bowner Brody had over being right
was just killed by g Yeah it's Yankovic anyway, So
uh he did. Saw a parody of Bloodlines called word
Crimes and it's it's it's like a lyric video, so
you just see the words and it's every grammatical mistake
commonly made in America and it's hilarious. One of the
best parodies ever. It's the greatest thing ever written. Gets

me more than anything. Coupon and cupon coupon. And here's
one of my best friends, Lisa, she says cupon. So
every time she says that, I go, what what? What?
What was that? So I looked it up. It's Cooper.
It's one of those regional is that people. Jake was
just walking by and he looked at his phone like,
you know, someone in your life just passed away. I

was trying to use this studio and you guys are
in here, get out of here. What you got to do?
Go Jakes? What were you typing on your phone that
you look like you you were about you you were
about to break down, and even you literally were walking
so fast, and then you stopped in your tracks and
looked at your phone, and you turned even wider than
you know. Because if I'm if I'm walking too fast,

I can't focus with it's on my phone. I'm glad
we brought Jake in here for this. Men cannot multitask
one thing out of time. Whenever I text and people
talk to me, I hear them, but I can't respond
to you. What did you want to come in here
to do? UM? Doing the on demand show? Can you
put it up on time so I don't get put

it up at one point two times faster than ever
The fifteen minute Morning Show

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