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April 12, 2021 15 mins

We check in with everyone on how they spent their week off. Surgery, Disney, Bahamas, Beaches, Farms !

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
What would you talk about on your on your podcast
morning show. So we're back from vacation. This is the
fifteen minute Morning Show podcast and only here if you're watching.
Can you see this obnoxious shirt I'm wearing. I love
that shirt. It says I just want to drink wine

and pet my schnauzer. Who got you that shirt? Because
I know you didn't get it for yourself. Alex gave
that to me. Okay, if there wasn't a picture of
your actual schnauzer on there, I think you were talking
about some other Schnauzler. Daniel's really on one with the
wingers today. You have been very, very caught centric today. Really,

I'm talking about his trousers. Yes, there's the side of
your house I have. I'm sorry, I'm sorry someone talking?
Sorry what was that I said? It was that one
of those shirts that you would never wear outside of
your hospital, hon ever wear this outside my house. I
was wearing it on video. I'm well, I'm not gonna

wear it outside the house. It's something stupid to wear
on video. I have tons of those. Yeah, me too,
I'm wearing pajama bottom st So here we go on
the fifteen minute Morning show podcast. First, back from vacation.
There's Froggy, and there's Gondi, and there's Scotty B and
there's Danielle, and there's Straight and Eate and they're scary.
And there's Brody in the den. Hey, Brody in the den.

Hey Elvis, what's going on? Your boy sound depressed? I said, Hi,
Elvis said, hess, he always sounds like that. He's being brody.
Okay my voice, Hi, Elvisha can't win, you can't win.
And there's Garrett just joining us from the kitchen. Hey Garrett,
Oh hello, Hell all right, so this is our back

from vacation extravaganza. Who wants to start first? How was
your vacation? Froggy? What's going on? It was great? I
lasic surgery done. I had been so nervous and you
were one of the people that convinced me to do it.
Did it on Friday, and uh, it's it's amazing. You
lay down on a table, they work on your eye
for about five seconds, you get up and you can
see perfectly. It's unbelievable. So I'm glad I did it.

Has anyone else in in this room done lasik before? Okay?
So Garrett and and they know. So Froggy, did you
know what they were going to do before you did it? Yes,
they had to watch a video and I turned it off,
like they turned it on in the room and they
left and they said, it's a ten minute video. Just
watched this. Three minutes into the video they start, I
turned it off and I just waited for you making

the room. You see, they showed me what they did
to me after I did it, And had I seen
that video before, I would not have done it. They
make a flap, well, they take off one eye and
they make a little flap in your eye. They lift
the lens, they reshape your cornea, and they put the
lens back down. Yeah, it slices your lens like it's

a little peel, like it's onion peel. And they do
all the work and then they put it back and
they have to tamp it down to make sure it sticks.
You know what. That's how I felt about my rhino plassy.
When I got my nose done. I had looked in
my file after the fact, and if I had known
that before, they had cut little incisions, and it said
that they lifted up the skin. Yes, I'm like terrible.

Oh my gosh, I had no skin on my nose,
it was all bone. I'm like, there's actually there's another
surgery you can get that changes the color of your eyes.
It's not even legal in the United States yet, but
you can go from brown eyes to blue eyes with
this procedure. And I looked at how it happens. They
basically peel your eyeball. Yeah, apparently everybody has a blue

layer under whatever color your eye actually is, and then
you build up more over it. So they pull off
all those layers so you have the blue eyes. It's
so creepy. My eyes are already fucked up. I don't
so froggy. Did you do anything other than that? Oh,
you hosted a Vanilla Ice concert, know what, listen, I
know what. Everybody likes a joke about it. But it
was a lot of fun. It was great to see
live music again and watch people react. And then I

met the two guys from Tag Team. They were there.
So these two guys are sitting there right and I'm like,
holy crap, that's the dude from Tag Team. I recognized
them from the commercial. So one of them they go
up on stage and do the sound check. He pulls
out an ice cream scoop out of his pocket. So
they have integrated the scoop there it is into whoop
there it is, so they do they do whoop there.
It is for a little while and they break down

and do the guy thing. It gives them a new life.
It's fabulous. How was your vacation, Gandhi? It was actually
really great. I'm still here with my parents and I
love spending time with them and spending time in their
backyard and I got to go to the beach and
it's just been a good time, like very very good.
My dad's on the men now from his heart surgery,
so things are great. I got no complaints except for

the bug that flew into my eye and I felt
it walking around. That was gross. Yeah, having a bug
taking a walk on your eyeball. And can I say
one thing? So, I had a dream of about Nate
during our break, and my dream was that Nate was
helping me remove shards of glass from my foot and
it was just really creepy because they were like giant

shards of glass. He texted me the next day out
of nowhere, he stepped on a sea urchin in the
ocean and he had shards of sea urchin in his
foot and I don't know what that means, but I
know it means some glass. Yeah, yeah, and which she
told me that I'm like this, why didn't you call me?
Because it seems like it's just like a dumb dream.

It seemed like anyone could have a dream about glass.
If I have a dream about you guys that seems
involves stepping on something or something drastically dangerous happening, I'm
going to call you and tell you, Hey, I don't
know what this means, but just take it for what
it's worth. Yeah, there's definitely something there, right, There is
a connection that we can There has to be. It's
so weird. So stroke no stroke, no stroke, dreams play.

So while we were on vacation, Scotty B wasn't so
he hasn't necessed report I did go I did. We
did pick up the dog from vacation one day and
we went to Bushkill Falls and the Poconos and we
did a little hiking there. But other than that, I
worked all week and I got one hundred dollars fine
because our alarm went off one day. That was nice.
Oh yeah, you know, if you if you have motion
sensors in your house, the kids leave the TV on,

the alarm is gonna go off, and then the police
are gonna come and you're gonna get a fine. Okay, yeah,
totally noted. By the way, while we're on vacation, someone
approached me and said, hey, I watched your podcast all
the time. Isn't true that Scotty be actually did rip
a hole in his Teddy Bear and have sex with it.
Once we got to move on, Daniel Danielle, So I

got to finally see a couple of people I got.
I finally met my nephew, Christopher, who's six months old.
It was awesome I'm seeing him. I saw my nephew
Andy who's three, my sister, my brother in law, and
I got to see Lisa Froggy's Lisa, who I haven't
seen an over a year. And the first hug of
seeing her and Jess it was just awesome. It's like

we both said, our hearts are so full because we
got to see each other. And I got to go
to Disney, and you know, Disney's my favorite place in
the whole world. I could only get into Epcot because
it was sold out because they're only doing you know,
certain capacity. But it didn't matter. I got to eat
in Mexico. I've always wanted to eat in Mexico. I
had my coco ears on. I was surrounded by sugar skulls.

I was in freaking heaven and it was fantastic. Good
for you, Daniel, Yeah, it was awesome, Brody. How was
your vacation? Oh, circle back to me right after I
take one. You didn't work, so you had done something differently.
I went from this couch to the couch upstairs. That
was monumental. Yeah, that's it. Did you need a passport

to get upstairs or no? I didn't have a vaccine
I got Sorry, I didn't have a COVID test necessary
to go up to stairs. Although I did get my
first shot, so I'm half vaccinated, so I got that. Cool?
All right? Did you get to Kirkland so you can
save some money Kirkland? I got the the generic in

the white bottle with the black lettering. It just said
vaccine on it, so it was less money. I think
it's got to be good money. Yeah, what about you, scary?
How was your vacation? Well? I started, I had saw
producer Sham and our friend Carla Marie and producer Jake
for brunch. Jake is moving by the way to nap
A Valley to pursue his wine dreams. Good uh. And

then I Easter Sunday with my family. I took them
to a wonderful restaurant, El Nido, in Marlborough. It was
so fantastic, authentic Italian food. And the next day I
just took off to the Bahamas and I was at
the bahamr and I gotta say I needed that mental break. Uh.
I was with my girlfriend. We did uh yoga with

the flamingos she did and pictures and I got to
see them concoct some drink called the It was a
smokey old fashioned but they did it the old fashioned
way where they just they light something on fire and
they put the smoke into the bottle. They trap it
and they mixed the drink in there and then it
comes out all smoked. It was so good. But I

spent a lot of time at the pool, no turned
up pool parties. Everything was fantastic good. It was awesome,
good times. And I'm did you have to mention the
restaurant and the hotel by name? I didn't say I
sell less until just now. Wow, Rody, you actually prompted it. Yeah, No,
he mentioned the restaurant he went to dinner in New Jersey, right, yeah,

it's a great spot. Didn't mentioned the hotel. But when
you said yeah, he said he went to Baha Mar
he mentioned that too, the resort, right right? Yeah? What
about you, Garrett? I know you went out to you
went up to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and you hung out on
a farm. Did you do anything else for your vacation? Well,
we stopped off at a Hershey and I still giggle
like a little child because of you as you take
that road to Hershey year on the Hershey Highway. So

I left, I left to myself, thank you very much
for that one. So after Hershey went to a farm.
It really is cool, like I would never thought like
watching cows was so fascinating, but just the whole process,
Like by the way, female cows getting don't get enough
credit as the male cows do because they do more
work than male cows. Be like times ten, there's one

male cow and then there's thousands, like over two thousand
cows producing milk every single day, three times a day.
It's so so fascinating to watch how they know to lineup.
They know once they're done, they go back into the
pen and they do it again three times over there.
You let's hear it for let's hear it for cows there,
Like they really don't get enough to respect as they

should have a moment for them. What about you, straight, Nate?
Oh well, I uh. We took a vacation. We got
on a plane. We went to Sandal's South Coast in
the Caribbean, and I gotta tell you, like, you forget
how relaxing this world can be until you go to
a place like that and you just sit on the beach.
I like, every day I would just go sit on
the beach and just stare at the water. And it

was just so nice to realize that there is life
outside of our little one bedroom that we've been living
in for the last six months. And you know, the
city that's scary and Scotty and I have been driving
into every day. It's just so nice to realize that
there is life outside, and it's just great to get away.
It's just so peaceful, excellent, sounds like everyone had a

good time. Who gives a shit about me? I'm fine
come on, I had I had a little I had
a private vacation. I didn't really share anything with anyone,
didn't say where I was and say what I was doing.
It was great. Yeah, I didn't see any posts really
from me. I'm like, wait, I want to just take
a look into Elvis's life for a minute. It was awesome.

You know, I just try to it. I purposefully don't
reach out to you on vacation because I know you
don't want to be bothered. But when Prince Philip died,
I had to text you that, yes you did, and
I appreciate that. Yeah, And I was like, you know,
I did talk to some friends, you know, when DMX
passed away, and you know whatever, But vacation was a vacation.
I don't know. I was like, I just unplugged. And
so this time I just didn't tell anyone what I did.

It's our secret. Awful not to share every spare moment,
every like. No. I love secrets. I I like no.
I like to hear what people do because it's it's
actually investigation and research for my future of what I
wanted to do. No, really, it's it's actually research people.

And in fact, when I posted on my Instagram story
about my vacation, people like, thank you so much. You're
giving me good tips for the future and what I
could possibly do. So I like to see what you do, Elvis,
because I'll copy you. I'll say this, if you only
knew what I did over my vacation, it would blow
your mind. What it was. Unfucking real, damn unbelievable. What

you're not gonna tell us, No good for you, dangling carrot.
I'm gonna dangle mccarrot. Somebody went to Wyoming. That's part
of why the vacation was so great. Was carried around.
It was awesome. If I told you what I did,
you would never ever believe I did it. Slept? Yea,
I slept. Did you go to sesame place? That's Chris

what I'm hearing it. I'm hearing goes there alone, you know, vacation.
So we we have friends at like a lot of hotels.
So my friends at the Waldorf Astoria Orlando hooked us
up with a cabana while we were there, which was
very nice of them. My sister has never really experienced

stuff like that, and she was so cute. She was like, Wow,
I don't even know how to act. This is a
fruit platter? Uh? What? We have a TV in there?
It was the cutest, most innocent thing, and it was
just and she was so appreciative that I thought it
was so adorable and I wanted I just wanted to

hug her all day long, Like, here's cute, Jackie. This
You were like, you know what's so cute? I loved it.
Let's take another vacation next week? What do you say? Okay, Okay,
I'm out. I'm good. How about a Monday off sometime soon?
Whatever you need? Scary? All right, Well, there you go.
We're back. Any of the thoughts things that you want

to purge, you want to get out of your system
before we move on to our regular work week in
their next vacation. Well already, yeah, mine' already planned absolutely
in my head. I have. I haven't actually executed yet,
but I'm going to. Oh no, we have, we have.
We are planes and hotels ready to go, good bye?

Stand by? All right, how are you doing, Froggy? We
have five seconds. Let's go out of here. Anyway, we're
back from vacation, so we'll be back in our regular
non vacation mode tomorrow till then peace out everybody, The
fifteen minute Morning Show

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