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November 2, 2021 10 mins

After new evidence came to light in the case of the "smack book pro" and we talked about if Scotty B was actually at fault?!?!

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
What would you talk about on your on your podcast
present minute morning show. Looking here at my computer that's
not crashed. It's a fifteen minute morning show podcast. There's

Froggy and there's Scotty b who smashed my computer to
Smith reeens, there's Scary, and there's Danielle and Gandhi and
straightened and his hair in the air. There's a Brody's
in the den. Hi, Brody, good morning. And there's a Garrett.
Yes see this big red plastic cup. Does it look
like I'm having a Coca cola at Pizza Hunt? Oh

my gosh, totally big gas glasses. I'm sorry, they're at
pepsi establishment. Yes, okay, So what do you guys want
to get into, Danielle go, I don't know. Should we
go back to the old because all this new evidence
we didn't really discuss on the air. Well, we didn't
discuss it. We posted it, but we didn't talk about

the defensive. I do have to credit Andrew because he
went back in this is what would you call this
a cold case file. He went back in and found
evidence that it was really you know, we we had
all kind of deemed Scotty innocent from the get go.
And then this evidence came to light, and I gotta say,

does make me questions? I thought Andrew and I were friends.
Apparently nothing to do with the video. He did was
slow it down. He didn't. There's no new evidence. But
sometimes in slowing it down, it says if we magnified
the problem the film. Yes, this is the equivalent of
the film boom. Bottom line is I was frightened. I

grabbed whatever was closest to me and reacted to We
reset this for anyone who might have missed today, the
whole different audience. Yeah, can you show this video in
the zoom room? Yeah, you'd have to share it. I
was just thinking on their phone on the phone, which
one do you which? Which one do you want me
to show? First? First, where he's throwing my computer on

the ground. You can see here this is the here
full motion. That was full motion. Okay, now watch this
and we and we said you have to remember Diamond
is hiding in a big box and she scares him. Okay,
this is twinches. Then he throws the computer. Separate activities

is in motion. Here watch this. Watch his hand gripped
it and it walks away kind of cocky looking. I
don't know. I still think it is not his fault
that this happened, because again, if you go back and
watch any other time Scotty gets scared, he does this crap.

He goes and then swaps at whatever is around them.
He always does. He swatted in an innocent computers, as
so Hot often happened in like episodes of Perry Mason.
We have to go to the dictionary flail verbs, wave
or swing or cause to wave or swing wildly. Yes,

he failed, but grab grab, grab, grab a quick sudden
clutch or attempt to seize. I believe you seized that computer.
But I kind of agree with Gandi because he wouldn't
have seized it if if he hadn't gotten scared. It's
never deliberately walked over there. And we're like, okay, he

wouldn't have been there if he wasn't lured by Nate
to go do whatever. And then I blame his parents
for raising a well, in any case, I feel like
the blame should be spread slightly more evenly. Also, Sam
was the mastermind. She came up with the whole plan.

We've kind of played this thing over, and I blame
Andrew for not intovening and helping he calmed his podcast
Plotner down, but he was filming it. I have more.
I have another question, though, Does this mean we're not
allowed to scare each other anymore? Have they ruined it? No,
you can do whatever you want to understand, there will
be consequences if something is damaged. Okay, like what did
I used to say to Scary? You can say whatever

you want in the air, but if it's a dumbass comment,
you're gonna have to answer to it. That's true, very true,
And it's completely stopped him from saying anything that's work anyway.
I thought. I thought I was defending you, Scottie, and
now I have seen this video, I have a different view.
Shouldn't even been there. He should not even been there.

He was doing his job. He was taken away from
doing his job, and then he did what he's done
a hundred other times. He was lure favor going to
look at dirty table cloths for whatever reason, like what
the hell? And and I would like to watch something else.
Back earlier, Diamond mentioned that she was hiding in the
box and Nate winked at her, and I said, I
don't think you would have been able to see Nate
Wink for the goal ahead. Had you actually been in

that box so I went out, we recreated the scenario.
By the way, if you actually you you recreated it wrong.
If you had stood where I was in the video,
you can't see that computer screen blocks Diamond told you
to stand in the wrong place. I'm just saying I
did see a signal when I was in the box
from Diamond. What else are we going to talk about?
Looks like that dog that ate the couch while you

were outside. Right now, I feel bad, look are you? Man? No,
I'm just annoyed at the whole thing is never should
have happened. That's all skin is thick. I just get
frightened easily. There's nothing I can do about that, just
like the whole blood thing that I can't do anything
about it. I wish I could cool, so I will

continue to be scared in this building. You said frightened, weird, frightened, frightened.
I am frank. It's like scary squirrel. Hey question, Uh
do you flush public toilets with your foot? Yes? Yes, yeah,
it's like kick it like yeah, you know, if it's

not a commercial or industrial toilet, you could cause some damage. Uh,
there's a seafood place that a friend of mine went
to took a picture. Please don't flush toilet with your foot,
Please use your hand, because people were knocking the fucking
uh handle off the toilet. Dude, what kind of establishment
are you going to where the toilet is like jankety?

Come on. But I love how the majority of our
show we're a bunch of foot flushing because the guys,
if it's a guy's, if it's a male public restroom,
they've been holding their dick and now they're gonna touch
they flushing toilet. I might as well touch that guy's
dick before not. I don't want to do that. Another
reason why Gonda insists you take your shoes off because

you've been flushing toilets with your fucking foot. Absolutely. I
had a etenance man come over the other day because
I had a little leak in my ceiling, and he
walked in and said, I know I have to take
my shoes off. I said, thank you so much. I
really appreciate that. It's hard in the bathrooms here at
work because it's the little button, so it's not like
the handle, it's so it's a little like black button
wrapped my finger in toilet paper, I still push it

with my foot. I don't. I thought it at the studios.
We have the sensor that flushes it automatically. Sometimes it
doesn't go. Yeah, I'll let it sit. I'm not touching that.
You're Sometimes the toilet is turning a blind eye to
you pooping. It's like, oh, if it doesn't have sense
enough to flush itself, I'm not doing the work for it.

So then that's not nice for the next person that
walks into your bla a toilet. He doesn't want to
because exactly, I don't want weener fingers. The wrapping Scott
is sometimes a urinal, there is no toilet paper handy.
I'm not going to touch that. Bring toilet paper with
me to the urinal. That's weird. That's what range the

old elbow, you're okay with that? Well, how am I
going to lick my elbow later? I'm not worried about that.
I'm looking your elbow. Yeah, exactly. Look at Nate's hair.
It's I need to get a cut. That's normally stressed
out hair. Are you stressed? No? No, I mean this,
this whole Scotti trial has gotten stressed a little bit,

But we're about to do an interview, and I gotta
move my my favorite artwork out of the world. Love
that piece of art. I think you should leave it. Well,
but it's it looks like it's just leaning against the wall,
doesn't which it is? You get rid of that Elvis
Duran thingy? Well, well, the thing is is our friends, Mercedes,
they pay Are they pay our paychecks bills? Yeah, that's true.

Does it look like it's just a piece of art
is leaning against the wall? Kind of were in center
it? It It looked better if you can just drag it
a tiny bit towards your head. Yeah, centering there. Now
it looks like it in there, It doesn't look it
makes it a little hot? Are I think? All right?

Come over and bash it over my head? Didn't do it,
He didn't do it. We were after all this happened.
We were talking about how if there was something crazy
that actually happened here. I don't think any of these
guys would be able to really help us or save us.
It would be the girls in the studio that would
probably jump in and do all the stuffy. Scotty would

have a heart attack and die. Nate might have a stroke, scary.
We'll throw you out of the way. Brodie's not here,
Garrett's down the hallway. It would be like Diamond, Danielle
and I, yep, defending all of you. I guess they're
working out more. Oh he's got he's got it, sitting

on something. Oh, let's see what he does. It is
really nice. It's gonna break And I want one like
that so bad. Those things are so cool. How much
is that worth of? This is way more than a
computer work way more. Bye, alright, bye, We're done. Bye everybody.

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