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June 16, 2021 14 mins

If you are waiting in line for food and someone in the back offers to buy the 2nd person to buy their food, is it a scam or is it smart?

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
Four. What would you talk about on your on your podcast?
Fine show? All right, everybody, what do you think of
a haircut? You like? It's good? But he should be
in the sway House. I love it, honestly, you already

am I even allowed to say what I said? It
looks like or people gonna get mad at me for that. People,
you were on the same page. What do you what
are you going to say? I said, he sort of
looks like a Nazi youth, like you know how they
had that very specific haircut that was like off to
the side and mate's face. Right, boy, that's the thing.
It's boy cut. Oh okay, so not the Nazi youth.

I will take it back, Scotty. That's what I'm talking about.
I know, definitely. No. He left at the joke. That's
that's that was the whole point. Something to do with
this religion. Let's move on. Brody had something he wanted
to bring up. Yeah, I heard of on another radio

show a scam that I think is terrible and scary.
Thinks it's brilliant. And then I want to follow it
up with what Sam's boyfriend did in a similar vein.
So the scam is if you're at a sporting event
or a concert, right, and it's a long line at
the vending locations. You go up to the second person
in line and you offer to pay for their food

if they'll buy your food for you. You don't have
to win online. That's a great I that's just clever, people,
because now you've made everyone else online weight and they
didn't agree to it. Hold but Sam, Sam the story,
Sam scary, hold on. I want to get anyone opinion
on that first Froggy you go to sporting events. What

do you think. I don't have a problem with it.
I think it's very clever. Yeah, it's it's no Scotty
is upset. You gotta pay everybody behind them. It's no
different than waiting in line for something at a store
or something like that. You can't just say to that
next p you can I just go in front of
you because if you if what if you're the next
person in line and the person says to you, hey,

i'll buy your food if you just get me a
popcorn in a soda and I'll pay for that deal,
You've made a shyde deal with the person, and it's
an individual deal. If you're gonna order like for the
your ten person family, then I could see people being upset.
But if I'm just telling you, hey, could you get

me a chicken finger in a like big deal, that's
not that's not a lot of extra as scary. If
he has a problem with when you're getting off the parkway,
if someone lets somebody chisel him at the last second
and cut the whole line, he said, that's terrible. You
shouldn't allow it. The same thing. So you're offering that
person any type of reward for cutting in front of them,

You're just being a dick, period, Whereas if you offer
to buy somebody their food, you are offering them something
nice for what they've done to you. But screwed the
rest of the line though now and really screwed chicken fingers.
The line is it's really about the deal with Gandhi
just said is the crux of it. Who gives a
funk about the rest of the line. It's between you

and that person. If you're coming from the person on
the parkway, that's dicking everybody over, including the person you
just dipped over the whole line at the vending station.
Not if you're I'm wondering something small, how much more
time does it really take. Let's say you order ready
to say, like Danielson, order of chicken fingers and Annesota,
how much more time does it really take to get

that one order of chicken fingers, Annesota? Not much time.
You stepped to the side. There was no reward for
the person who let them in that they should have
gotten in the backroom. Everybody else did, right, And I
think what you proposed, Brodie, is way better than even
what William did. I think that's moral before we go.
You know damn well that Brodie. If somebody comes over

to you and off you are fun been taking it.
I'm not doing it because he has the guy to
find me. He's going to punch me in the back
of the head. He's not what he wants to get
back to the game of the concert. What if he
doesn't know. What if he just thinks your friend the
last minute what they wanted, all right? What if the
guy gives me twenty bucks, right, and he wants nachos

and a cheeseburger and a soda, and then the girl
has to go on the other side of the counter
to get something a pretzel. It could take a lot
more time the other side of the counter. Three extra everybody.
Everybody chimed in. Sam, wait, Garrett's mike is off. Just
for the record, Oh Garrett, you didn't give you enough
for all that stuff? Right? Or you know what I meant?

Did you have an opinion? Garrett? Before we move on
to Sam, No, I'm all for you. You come up
to me and say, hey, I'll buy your food. Here's
twenty bucks you're buying. I don't you punch me in
the back of the head. You got other issues, you know.
If if you're worrying about punching someone about a hot dog,
you gotta go see someone to talk about you have
no problem. Okay. Sam has a story. Her boyfriend did

something that I think is clever but may also be worse.
I agree with you with that, Brodie. Okay. So we
were going to Jenkinson's to see this band performed We
Love Go Go Gadgets, and there was a really long
line to get in, and William was hungry. So he goes,
let's eat first, because you can't get food in the club.
I said, absolutely not. I want to get on the line.

You're on your own kid. So I was waiting on
the line while he's off getting food. I get in
and he's like in ten minutes later, which is way
quicker than the line was, Like, what the hell do
you do? He goes, well, I got myself two slices
of pizza, and then I ordered an extra pie, and
then I walked toward the front of the line and
just offered, whomever will let me cut gets this pizza.

So a group of people just let him right in front.
So I think that's incredibly clever. I have no problem
with it, but I probably would have been really embarrassed
if I were there, because a whole bunch of people
behind you. What's going Jenkinson's is a club that holds
three thousand people and that line is forever and people
whatever in the rain on a Friday night, World Day weekend.

And furthermore, you he's offering and rewarding several people in
that line. Okay, he's using the pet in front of
the front. It works. No one fought him and he
got in right behind. There's no morality on this morning show.
And I would love to see Brody just stand in
the front of the line like an asshole, being like, Nope,
I'm not accepting your free food. He would do it

because all these people behind me, I don't know, are
going to be upset, and then he would judgment on
those that take the free pizza, dude, and especially if
the person starts sharing the pizza with people. That's if
it was me and I was in the line and
the person was that clever, I would have been cracking up,
going good for you, dude. That is that is funny.
Plush people in toward the back they think that William

is their friend coming back with the pizza, and they
were holding place in line the entire time, so it's
not even for optics wise, it doesn't look bad because like,
oh yeah, I know this person, here's your piece. There
was like a nice, risky middle of the lion group
of people that could have spoken up and been pissed,
but no one said anything, so he got away with it.
That's awesome. Yeah. Now if it's like twenty people who

they jump in front and are like, oh, we'd like
to cut with this whole group, different story. But one
person and the same hold shut the airport in t
s A. You know, sometimes somebody has to jump the
line because they were late, whatever the reason was, let
him do it. Who cares if you have time be
a nice person? Is too many and one is okay?
So how high can you go? Could four people get

ahead of you? No, I'd say two is a max. Yeah,
a couple of two like a couple three, they become assholes,
so I think they had to be polite about it.
I don't want an asshole in front of me. I
don't care if you are one person, if you're being
a douche and think you're entitled, no you can't. But
if someone's like nice, has like a peace offering, okay,

But if you're in line, there's always an asshole in
front of you. That's so true, don't true. Does a
clueless old person get a past? Yes? Yes. I was
standing at the self checkout at the supermarket and there's
the registers are here, then it's the aisle and people
wait like right behind the aisle. Some old lady with

a little thing like walk right in front of everybody
went to the next thing. When there's like fifteen people
online and half of them like yo, lady. But I
was like, whatever that means, she's not going to use
the self checkout anyway, and it's going to right. Yeah,
I think of things like in terms of your parents,
like if my mom did that and somebody, I mean,

I know she's not a little old lady, but if
somebody yelled at her, I would be irate. Well, people
like people. I'm thinking in my head, it's gonna take
so long because she doesn't know how to use it.
How you also have to think about it. One day
that will be you. Yeah, But then there's the other
side of the coin. Even when that looks like me.
You guys, I'm sorry. I can guarantee you I'm going
to use that card even when it's not true. I'm sorry.

I how to wait in line. I didn't know. I
totally And you know what, if you're ninety and cripple
or whatever and you're leaned over your car, you deserve it.
Have you noticed Nate has been suspiciously quiet in this
entire podcast. He's looking at the Yeah, he got a mirror.
We're talking about you. We're actually talking about you. I

got I got one more that they can chime in on. Okay,
so I go ahead. Sorry, Nate, did you want to
say something? No, no, no, do see your dogs are
yelling at you about your stance on this line in
line they're upset. So I was at a weird Al
Yankovic concert. There was a meet and green afterwod right God,

and there was there was There was a long line
to get to the table where Al was signing autographs,
and a guy in a wheelchair with a broken foot
got pushed to the front of the line because he
was in a wheelchair with a broken foot. Now, why
couldn't he wait online, He's in a wheelchair, he's sitting comfortably.

Why does a broken foot get him to cut the line?
There's no reason why not because he broke his foot.
I'm a brody on this one. Thank you, frog. You
don't get special people because you broke your foot. That's
not mean. Why why do you deserve to get the
meat weird out before somebody else? Would you broke your foot?
He broke his foot saving a baby from a runaway cart. Right,
you don't know how he broke that foot. I was

gonna go just return home from war. Just yeah, maybe
they maybe it's a you know, having having the wheelchair there,
it's bulky and takes up a lot of space in
the line, and so they would rather get that person.
He's comfortable sitting there, he's sitting sitting, I was standing
for forty five minutes. He's lucky you for being able

to stand. He was drinking a beer. He's drinking a beer.
He gets to cut the laws. Same people use the
wheelchair shipped to get in front of line a like
attraction rides like it did me. Oh we have a No,
that's bullshit you it was great. I couldn't ride a

damn ride. But all my friends wrote it because I
tore my a c L You're welcome, friends, but went
through you. Why when they were pushing me with her
you get to do it? But she didn't go on
the rustle exactly. My friends missed out on my company
on that ride. How sad for them. It's terrible the
worst of the people, but the worst you have to

admit the people that don't have injuries, and then they
pretend and they bring a wheelchair, and then they then
that calm is gonna bite your ass. When I see
people bust out like a neck brace or crutch after
they've parked in the handicap spot and they get out
of the car, I'm like, you were at best you
got to hit him and then make an honest person

can I say something about handicap spots real quick, and
I know it's not gonna piss anybody off, but it
just annoys me a little bit. So if I'm at
the supermarket and I watched this happen one time, there
was a handicapped spot or disabled whatever you want to
call it, and then a regular spot right next to it.
So the person that had the handicapped permit pulled out
of the handicap spot. Why not pull into the spot

right next to it and let another handicap person that
really needs it use that spot. It just it boggled
my mind and bothered me. A lot of times handicapped
spots have this space, this one didn't. You're a handicap
parking vigilante. I just feel like some people that have
those permits that maybe don't really need them, just like, yeah,

I get the spot, you know, but you could just
take the one right next to it, so you could say, yeah, yeah,
I agree with you. Hey, Froggy. Is it called the
Florida Miracle where old people get on planes in New
York and wheelchairs and then when the plane lands in Florida,
they walk right off the plane. We had that this

was a topic recently and my favorite kind of callers
who you know called in or maybe a few years ago,
whatever said my son is in a wheelchair, he needs
to be he will be in on his entire life.
Having said that, he is a complete asshole, like he'll
roll over people's feet on purpose and thinks no one's
going to say anything to him because he's in a wheelchair.
I'm like, that's the miracle flights. That's my favorite kind

of person to know about. If you're if you come
on in the one the wheelchair, I would go off
the flight in the wheelchair as well. My miracle did
they get on first, they fly, when they land, their healed.

It's magic. This guy the friendly These guys are magical.
What are you doing, bro? You know? So we're set
up here in the studio, but it's hard to hear you.
Sam and Garrett from my position really heard like half
of the conversation the time. They didn't say anything much. Really,
you didn't miss much. I didn't hear it, Okay, I
think I heard what you said. Long story short, Nate.

If you were in the front of a line and
somebody offered to pay you for your food or to
pay for your food and then buy their own food.
If they could just cut, would you let it happen? Absolutely?
There you go. Everybody would let it happen. Somebody is
If I'm on like an on ramp or something and
somebody wants to cut in front of me, if they
will fall up a bill and threw up my window,
I agree with you, but just on their own screw them.

They should have been better. Yeah, And I still don't
believe that Brodie wouldn't take the money and run. I
think he would take take the food, the chicken fingers.
We're gonna have to set us up, take the money
and buy their food. You hide it in his pocket.
Maybe are we done? We're done in five seconds. Oh wow, awesome,

it's been real guys. Fifteen minute Morning show

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