Tennessee Star Report

3-28-19 TN Star Report HR 2

March 28, 201936 min
·The border wall fight continues, but Pentagon transfers $1 billion to the wall
·Dems whine about the GreenNewDeal losing in Senate 57 to zero
·Back home, Social Justice Warriors at The Tennessean run op-ed calling the state
of Tennessee racist.
·Emails reveal Williamson County Cultural Competency Committee Wants Teachers Hired
Based on race.
·The BIG STORY: Huge victory for Gov Bill Lee as his Education Savings Account Bill
clears a big hurdle, gets through House Education Committee in a 14 to 9 vote.
·BorderWallFight-Gohm: Gohm says, It is perfectly legal what they're doing. There
is no bigger or better use of defense money than what Trump is doing.
·StateDepartmentBudget-Pompeo Pompeo says, In order to support the President's national
security strategy and achieve all foreign policy goals, we requested 40 billion dollars
in the state department and US AID. It will protect our citizens at home and aborad and
support our allies over seas.
·GreenNewDeal-Casten Casten says, What the green new deal that has done to create energy
and get people to talk about it. To the youth that have come out thank you for what you're
doing. Both political extremes don't understand climate. Anything to do with lowering co2
emissions means that your going to burn less fuel and save money.
·MuellerReport-Graham (Graham says, The bottom line here is Mueller has looked at this for
2.5 years and there was no collusion, obstruction insufficient. You can't prosecute a case
if the prosecutor is unsure.
·Boeing-Chao Chao says, It is very questionable if these were safety oriented additions why
they were not part of the required template of measures.