Tennessee Matters

Tennessee Matters

August 26, 201844 min
Interview 1 – She-I-O (#alltogetherbetter)
Maggie Rose & Lori Dotterer Butler

August 26 th is Women’s Equality Day.
Nashville recording artists Maggie Rose
and dairy farmer Lori Dotterer Butler tell
us about the meaning behind the day and
the new twist Maggie put on the timeless
classic “Old McDonald”.

Interview 2 & 3 – This Is Only A Test? (proedtn.org)

JC Bowman

Are tests in our schools making the grade?
JC Bowman from the Professional
Educators of Tennessee joins us for an in-
depth conversation about challenges with
current grade assessment tests and
Tennessee Ready.

Interview 4 – Couples: Future In The Finances? (fidelity.com/couplesguide)

Kelly Lannan

How much of an emotional toll do
finances take on the future of couples?
Kelly Lannan from Fidelity tells how
honest discussions of dollars and debt
can make or break our relationships.

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