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Biden_Clip: (Biden says, I think we should pass a federal law mandating that the same machines with paper trails be mandatory for every federal election. The states will have to make a choice of whether you know they will have two machines. We can't mandate state elections. But we can do it federally. So in a nutshell we should be mandating a paper ballot and a standardized machine with a standardized requirement.) ChicagoCrimeRates-SteveCortes (Cortes says, My city is in chaos right now, the city of Chicago. The body counts for the final for 2020 the final year-long body counts are horrific. And they are third-world like. There were over 4k shooting in 2020 in the city of Chicago. Over 700 of them resulted in death.) HunterSpecialCounsel-MattWhittaker (Whittaker says, A special counsel will ultimately be necessary. You're going to see if the AG picked for Joe Biden is going to get a lot of questions in the confirmation hearing about the regulations at the DOJ and whether it's necessary to appoint a special counsel. I think ultimately they will conclude that it is necessary based on the regulation.) TimeForChange-JohnOssoff (Ossoff says, We've had 4 years of racism, hatred, bigotry, and fear-mongering. We've had a year of catastrophic incompetence in midst of the worst public health crisis in generations. 100s of 1000s have lost their lives and millions have lost their jobs.) GAElections-TimScott (Scott says, President Trump has made it possible for this country to have the most inclusive economy in my lifetime. He has made it possible that we have the most conservative judiciary of all time. Frankly, we owe it to our past four years and the future that we win in 2021 starting on Janauary 5th this Tuesday coming.) ElectionChallenge-JamesLankford : (R-OK-Lankford says, In 1969 33 senators both republican and democrat challenged a faithless elector from NC. So there was a pretty broad for it in order to challenge them. We had it in 2005 in Ohio. This is the nature of our system.) ElectoralCollege-Blackburn (Blackburn says, Looking at where the American people on this that millions of people that feel like this election was not a fair election. We knew that there needed to be something that was done. People can define the problem but defining an action that leads to a solution is something that is a little more difficult.) RaffensbergerLeakedCall-Trump (Trump says, What are we going to do. We won the election. And it's not fair to take it away from us like this. And it's going to be very costly in many ways. And I think you have to say that you are going to reexamine it. But reexamine it with people that want to find answers, not people that don't want to find answers.) ● Mike opens, CEO & Editor in chief of The Tennessee Star ● 12 GOP Senators—including Blackburn and Hagerty--and at least 30—maybe 140 GOP House members to challenge Electoral College vote on Wednesday ● President Trump has been talking to state legislatures encouraging them to look at the evidence and decertify ELECTORS in disputed states—I had a Breitbart story on this yesterday, which the president tweeted out. ● Special runoff elections in GA tomorrow…polls don’t look good for our side, and Election Irregularities and unlawfulness from general election have not been corrected—Drop Box, Zuckerberg funded election workers and concentrated tabulation areas—76 percent of drop box ballots still have no chain of custody ● CNN misreports on chain of custody, and The Tennessee Star and Georgia Star News calls them out ● Trump rally in Franklin yesterday, huge crowd expected in DC Wednesday ● Crom Carmichael—6:30 ● Roger Simon—7:30
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