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TrumpRally_1-Trump (Trump says, They say sir you don't have standing. How about that? I'm the president 7 states. I was winning by a lot and then all of a sudden I was losing by a little tiny bit. They could only go so far. They had no idea we would do those numbers. That printing press...they said I don't have standing to bring us in. What kind of legal system is that?) TrumpRally_2-Trump (Trump says, One thing I know, if they win I won't get credit. And if I lose they will blame Trump these people. And Kelly won't let that happen. Please win tomorrow. You are going to win so big, its going to be a great story.) TrumpRally_3-Trump (Trump says, Your vote tomorrow ill decide which party controls the US Senate. The radical Democrats are trying to capture GA senate seats so they can weild unchecked, unstrrestranged, and power over every aspect of your lives.) GASenateRace-Sterling (Gabriel Sterling says, One of the things specifically I've had to argue with people I've known for 20 years is they say we think our election was stolen and our votes don't count. And I said ok, I'm not acknowledging the election was stolen or voter fraud because there wasn't. But if you believe in your heart of hearts that there was the best thing to do is turn out and vote and make it harder for them to steal.) GASenateRunoff-Kemp : (Kemp says, Republicans got to have a huge turnout on election day to win these two races. David Perdue and Loeffler have done a great job representing their state in the united state senate. We are the firewall to stop socialism. To keep from handing the keys of power over to Pelosi, Schumer, AOC, and Bernie Sanders.) GAVoterTunrout-Loeffler (Loeffler says, The biggest challenge we have is to make sure people come out and vote and I know Georgians are going to do that. Because I've been going across the state non-stop. Georgians are fired up. Look at where we are right now. 3 million early votes. That has put us in a position to win and that's where we need to be. We need Georgians to come out and vote for Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue because we are in Washington working for them.) PotusGACall-Perdue MP3: attached: (Perdue says, To have a statewide elected official regardless of party, to tape without disclosing a private conversation with the president of the united states and leaking it to the press is discussing. But I didn't hear anything in that tape that the president hasn't already said for weeks now since the November election calling for some sort of investigation and resolution to the improprieties and the irregularities that we now see that happened here in November in Georgia.) VotingIrregularities-Pence MP3: attached: (Pence says, I know we all have our doubts about the last election. I want to ensure you I share the concerns of millions of Americans about voting irregularities. And I promise you, come this Wednesday we'll have our day in Congress. We'll hear the objections. We'll hear the evidence. But tomorrow is Georgia's day.) ● Mike opens, CEO & Editor in chief of The Tennessee Star ● Trump rally in Dalton, GA last night, Ga Runoff elections today ● Prediction Markets ● CNN misreports on chain of custody, and The Tennessee Star and Georgia Star News calls them out—No Correction or response from CNN ● ‘I Believe in Heroes’: Downtown Features Mural Honoring Police Who Responded to Nashville Bombing ● Tennessee Residents Ask for Prayers as They Travel to Washington, D.C. Wednesday for Donald Trump ● What will state legislatures give Mike Pence today or tomorrow before joint session? ● Raphael Warnock Hit with Multiple Tax Liens After Failing to Pay His Trash Bills ● Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger on the Defense as Trump Presses on Difficult Questions About Drop Boxes, Signature Matching in Leaked Call ● In New Project Veritas Video, Raphael Warnock Staffers Reveal Candidate Wants to Defund Police ● Sen. Bill Hagerty—7:30
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