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CongressECCertification-RonJohnson (R-WI-Johnson says, This is the warning to state legislatures if you don't want your citizens disenfranchised not counted. Step up to the plate, assume responsibility, and take control over your own elections. Don't let judges and election officials do it for you.) COVIDVariant-AndrewCuomo (Governor Cuomo says, This UK strain changes the whole foot race. Because the UK strain then the rate of transmission goes way up. The rate of infection goes way up. And it's no longer the race that we were running. Apparently, the UK strain can actually overtake the original COVID strain in a matter of weeks. That's how quickly it can transmit. DCProtester-Protester (Protester says, I couldn't imagine growing up as a little boy that I'd be standing in front of the supreme court fighting for my rights! Fighting for your rights. And encouraging the greatest president that ever had served this nation since LIncoln, President Donald J. Trump. (Cheers)) ECChallenge-AndyBiggs (R-AZ-Biggs says, There are issues both on the constitutional side as well as the fraudulent side that need to be looked at very closely. This is an opportunity for Americans to hear that debate. And I think that's very important to understand in a constitutional republic where we have a representative form of government.) ConcealedCarry-LaurenBoeber (R-CO-Boebert says, I am now in one of the most dangerous cities in America. The violent crime rate is 158% times higher than the national average. I will be walking alone a lot. Just like I say in my ad, being a member of Congress is pretty basic. I don't go to work in an armored vehicle. I don't have personal police escorts. I am my own security here. And my most basic right is the right to defend myself.) HypocryticalDemocrats-FredKeller : (R-PA-Keller says, Where is the outrage? In 2001, 2005, and 2017 when the Democrats actually challenged George W. Bush twice and the first electoral votes of president Trump. And in 2005 yes you had a vote in the House and the senate on the Ohio electors.) PresidentialElectionResults-LaraTrump (Trump says, I still think that you are never going to convince people that DJT didn't win this election. If you look at the statistical impossibilities of Joe Biden winning. There are so many factors that don't add up for people. There will be millions and millions of Americans who will always think that Donald Trump should remain president for the next 4 years.) VaccineCritisism-DeSantis (R-F-DeSantis says, We were the first state in the country to begin vaccinating citizens and residents of long term care facilities. And we were the first state in the country to vaccinate our broader over 65 population. We are very proud of leading those efforts. And I think you will continue to see a lot of good things. Papering this across the state.) ● Mike opens, CEO & Editor in chief of The Tennessee Star ● Warnock “called” winner in Georgia by NBC and others ● Ossoff has narrow lead of 13,000 over Perdue in Georgia –50.1 to 40.9 ● Joint Session of Congress to meet in Washington ● Reports are Pence will cave and count Biden’s disputed votes ● 88 state legislators send letter to Pence asking for 10 day delay ● Reports of election problems in Georgia ● ‘Pray for Truth and Pray for Trump’ Rally Planned for Downtown Nashville as Congress Meets to Certify Electoral College Vote ● Crom Carmichael 6:30 ● Neil McCabe 7:15
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