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VotingReform-SteveScalise (Scalise says, They don't want to fix this problem. But the constitution is our guide. And it's time we start following the constitution and get back to what our founding fathers said is the process for selecting electors. That's the legislatures.) CapitolBuildingProtest-KenBuck (R-CO-Buck says, I think the officers were told not to use lethal force unless they saw an armed person or lethal force was being used against them. So when they are overwhelmed by 10s of 1000s of protesters coming through the US capitol the decision not to use lethal force, I think was a wise decision. We can repair the damage to the US capitol, but we cannot bring back lives. And I commend the police for their restraint and hope that the protesters disband soon.) CapitolBuildingProtest_2-AdamKinzinger (R-IL-Kinzinger says, Just because conspiracy theories are put out on Twitter does not mean in fact that the election was stolen. It doesn't mean that Congress has the authority to unilaterally make a different decision on the election. If you were outraged and I was upset, that's why you make a case and convince people to vote for your side. We are not what we are seeing today and that's happening today. And it better stop. And leaders of all levels need to condemn this action.) CapitolBuildingProtest_3-Pelosi (Pelosi says, Please exit the floor if you do not have an assigned wall from your leadership you can share with your staff if you want to have a few more. But you cannot together on the floor of the house with that many people in here.) MessageToProtesters-Trump (Trump says, This was a fraudulent election, but we can't play into the hands of these people. We have to have peace. So go home. We love you. You are very special. You've seen what happens. YOu see the way others are treated that are so bad and so evil. I know how you feel. But go home and go home in peace.) DCProtests-DanCrenshaw (Crenshaw says, So many hyped-up this day as this day of reckoning and this big win that would happen. So many people said this would be the last stand, fight, and efforts to win back the republic and 1776. When you use this kind of language you should not be surprised that so many people tend to believe it.) DCProtests_2-MayorMurielBowser (DC Mayor Bowser says, The behavior that we are witnessing is shameful and unpatriotic and above all it is unlawful. Anyone who has engaged in these activities continues to engage in these activities will be held accountable. There will be law and order and will not be tolerated.) TransferOfPower-LizCheney (R-WY-Cheney says, It's important for us to send a message to the nation and to the world that America is not ruled by mob violence. We have this tremendous history of the people's transfer of power. Something that we take for granted. Ronald Reagan said it was miraculous. And I think what we've seen today illustrates just how fragile it is.) ● Mike opens, CEO & Editor in chief of The Tennessee Star ● Protestors storm Capitol Hill, disrupting electoral college certification in joint session, one woman shot and killed inside Capitol, apparently by Capitol Police ● Congress certifies President-elect Joe Biden, rejects challenges to AZ and PA ● Senate 93-6 on AZ, Hagerty, Blackburn, Loeffler vote to certify, House about 300-140 ● President Trump issued a statement 2 hours ago –“There will be an orderly transition of power on January 20” ● 6:00 Geoffrey Lee Owner of Ensemble & Simply the Best-Small Biz Owners Destroyed by Bombing ● Laura Baigert from the Capitol – 6:30 ● Carol Swain in studio 6:30
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