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AlQueda-MikePompeo (Pompeo says, Al-Queda has a new home base. It is the Islamic Republic of Iran. As a result, Bin Laden's wicked creation is poised to gain strength and capabilities. We ignore this Iran-Al Queda nexus at our own peril. We need to acknowledge it, confront it, and indeed we must defeat it.) BorderWall-Trump (Trump says, A lot of the wall you have is natural. Mountains, rivers, powerful water areas, and areas that are impossible to get by. So we didn't need walls everywhere. But where we needed them. Because it's been so successful where we added millions of miles many citizens watched Wednesday as a mob attacked the Capitol.) CapitolAttack-Trump (Trump says, As I've said throughout my administration we believe in respecting American traditions and not tearing them down. We believe in the rule of law and not in violence and rioting.) Peace&Calm-Trump (Trump says, Now is the time for our nation to heal. And it's time for peace and calm. Respect for law enforcement and the great people within law enforcement. So many are here. It is the foundation of the MAGA agenda. TakeAPause-NancyMace (R-SC-Mace says, We've had 9 months of violence in cities across the country. And so I'm asking Republicans and Democrats to hit pauce over the next 7-10 days leading up to the inauguration on the 20th. But to acknowledge we have a problem of divisiveness in this country and to take responsibility as both parties are at fault. I'm tired of this. Americans are upset and distraught about what we're seeing on the TV every single day. Enough is enough. I want to be part of the solution and not the problem.) VaccineUpdate_2-AlexAzar (Azar says, Only 4 weeks into our launch we have gained confidence in the integrity of our distribution system which has now successfully delivered in up to 14,000 locations essentially without a hitch. Over the last several days we've averaged around 700,000 reported vaccinations each day. And we are on track to hit 1 million per day in a week to 10 days' time. VaccineUpdate-RobertRedfield (Dr. Redfield says, The ACIP and CDC guidelines that came out to vaccination to the states were never meant to somehow finish the first phase then you move to the 2nd phase and then you move to the 3rd. So I'm here as the CDC director to ask our governors to echo what the secretary said and strongly recommend the vaccination now be expanded to those individuals 65 or over. And those individuals between 16 or 18 depending on the vaccine being used to 64 that have a co-morbidity with medical documentation of such.) CapitolHillCharges-MichaelSherwin (Sherwin says, We are looking at significant felony cases tied to sedition and conspiracy. Just yesterday our office organized a strike force of very senior national security prosecutors and public corruption prosecutors. The only marching orders from me are to build seditious and conspiracy charges relating to the most heinous acts that occurred in the Capitol.) ● Mike opens, CEO & Editor in chief of The Tennessee Star ● Metro Nashville Police Prepare for Possible Inauguration Day Protest at State Capitol ● Tennessee National Guard to Send Troops to D.C. for Inauguration ● PBS Fires Former Employee Following Project Veritas Video Exposing ‘Hateful Rhetoric’—PBS lawyer said Trump supporters need to be sent to re-education camps ● Biden Says That His ‘Priority’ Will Be Minority and Women Owned Small Businesses ● State Sen Paul Bailey 6:00 to 6:30 ● Crom Carmichael 6:30 ● Neil McCabe 7:15
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