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6:05 am to 6:15 am Elaine Parker President of Keep America America Action Fund 6:30 am to 7:00 am Hans von Spakosky Attorney and a former member of the Federal Election Commission 7:00 am to 8:00 am Clint Brewer All-Star Panelist in studio VoiceOfAmerica-Pompeo (Pompeo says, As secretary of state I'm telling you all of this because I want the best for the people here and for this organization because you are vital to helping America shine light into the darkest places with a power that only America can muster. Governments like those in China, Iran, North Korea, they don't have the respect for the universal dignity of every human being.) InaugurationPrep-MurielBowswer (Bowser says, I am also urging the department of homeland security to coordinate with the DOD, the DOJ, the US Congress, and the US Supreme Court to establish a security and federal force deployment plan for all federal property.) POTUSBan-RickScott (Scott says, When the Iatolla says he wants to get rid of the Jews and demolish Israel, that's ok with the social media platforms. When Maduro lies about what's happening in Venezuela that's okay with social media. When Xi says oh it's glorious what he's doing genociding the Uyghurs that's ok with social media. But a conservative saying something in this country, oh no we can't stand for that.) Impeachment-JamesComer (Comer says, It seems like over the past 2 years since the Democrats flipped the House and became the majority that their sole priority was impeaching president trump and now they have an opportunity and a new administration and they are still talking about impeachment even with less than 10 days left in the presidency. And at a time when America is so deeply divided. We desperately need to turn the temperature down.) Impeachment_2-HoganGidley (Gidley says, What Democrats are saying here is so wrong. What they are saying is that if you don't agree with them that he should be removed under the 25th amendment and if you don't agree with them that this president should be impeached again then you do agree with the lawless thugs that attached our Capitol building.) Impeachment_3-JoeManchin (Manchin says, How did we get this absolutely far apart that it came down to the insurgency we've seen. Insurrection. How did they think the government was against them? We better start talking to people and not double down and make it worse. That's what will happen if we continue down this road. I would hope Joe Biden would speak up and say let's put this government together and take care of that later.) Impeachment_4-KenBuck (Buck says, When Speaker Pelosi reaches out to the chairman of the joint chief of staff about nuclear codes and publicizes that conversation and engages in this impeachment without any investigation. We think we know some of the things that happened during this day but we don't know all the things that happened.) VoiceOfAmerica_2-Pompeo (Pompeo says, Censorship, openness, political correctness. It all p points in one direction. Authoritarianism cloaked as moral righteousness. Similar to what we're seeing at Twitter, Apple, and too many University campuses today. It's not who we are as Americans and it not what the voice of America should be.)
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