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01-22-21 TN Star Report HR 2 - Tennessee Star Report

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USRejoinsWHO-RepMichaelMcCaul Mp3: attached: (R-McCaul says, I think if you want to win you've got to be on the field. I don't think you can take your ball home and effect change from within. I think we need to have more influence in the UN and particularly the WHO. We should continue to engage with them however we should force through our funding mechanisms to call for the resignation of director General Tedros.) TrumpImpeachmentTrial-Pelosi Mp3: attached: (Pelosi says, Just because he's now gone thank God, that we, you don't say to a president do whatever you want in the last months of your administration. You're going to get a get out of jail card free because people think we should make nice nice.) ● Mike opens, CEO & Editor in chief of The Tennessee Star ● Biden rejoins WHO, Jim Cooper praises ● Our own Roger Simon named to the board of Radio Free Europe, Biden likely to try to remove, Simon plans to fight ● More Schizo Joe—calls for unity while Demonizing Trump supporters ● Buttigieg wants more gas tax ● Joy Pullman 5:30 The Federalist ● Laurie Cardoza Moore, Proclaiming Justice to the Nation 6:00 ● Crom Carmichael 6:30 ● Dr K
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