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Impeachment_2-MarcoRubio (Rubio says, The first chance I get to vote to end this trial I'll do it because I think its really bad for America. If you want to hold people accountable there are other ways to do it particularly for a president and the perspective of history. And even now as people are learning more about all of this. But it's really bad. When you talk about situations like this, this is not a criminal justice trial, this is a political process. And ultimately it is a political process that is going to inject things into our public discourse and public debate. That's going to make it harder to get important things done. And will just continue to fuel these divisions that are paralyzed the country and turned us into a country of people that hate each other.) ElectionProblems-SenRandPaul (Paul says, In WI thousands of absentee votes had only the name on them and no address. Historically those were thrown out this time they weren't. They made special accommodations because they said oh it's a pandemic and people forgot what their address was. So they changed the law after the fact. That is wrong and unconstitutional. And I will spend the next 2 years going around state to state to fix those problems.) idenImmigrationPolicies-ChadWolf (Former DHS Secretary Wolf says, As I look at the measures that were taken by the Biden admin I ask three things. 1. Is it lawful? Do these orders comport with law? 2. Is it going to make our DHS law enforcement offers job more difficult? And 3. Are the policies going to entice more individuals to come. And I think when you answer all 3 of those questions and look at the 100-day moratorium on the deportations and there is concerns for each of those questions.) TrumpCovidAdmin-DeborahBirx (Birx says, Well if you've noticed I was not able to do national press. I was not going to go outside the chain of command. So if our WH comms group didn't put me out I did not ask to go out because there was so much leaking and so many parallels stories being leaked to the press that did not have grounding and truth that I didn't want to ever be part of that slippery slope.) Impeachment-Schumer : (Schumer says, The only way to bring healing is to actually have real accountability which this trial affords. And so we will move forward with the trial. It will be fair but it will move at a relatively fast pace.) ● Mike opens, CEO & Editor in chief of The Tennessee Star ● Tennessee Widens Groups Available to Receive COVID-19 Vaccine Even as Distribution Lags for Seniors ● Bill in Tennessee Legislature Would Give School Boards More Quarantine Powers ● President Biden Reinstates Race-Based ‘Diversity Training’ in the Federal Government ● Senator Rand Paul, Likely Citing Georgia, Says Secretaries of State Violated Constitution in 2020 Election ● Biden Administration Signals Open Borders Policy ● Crom Carmichael 6:30 ● Akiva Cohen
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