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NCBarOwnerSues-DanielMeier Mp3: attached:(Attorney for Bar Owner-Meier says, It's a global pandemic and they need to shut us down for the health but why do you shut down the bar owner and not the landlord. And the arbitrariness, I can go into a facility that serves food, sit at the bar and drink all day. But because the Atomic Fern and other places like that don't serve food people are not allowed to go in there. So it does seem arbitrary and that's the due process equal protection argument that businesses are treated differently even if their models are essentially identical. Republicans-BernieSanders (Sanders says, Ultimately they will continue to be a conservative party that believes in democracy or authoritarian party based on big lies, conspiracy theories, and in fact a movement towards violence. And I hope Republicans make the right decision and come down on the side of democracy.) ● Mike opens, CEO & Editor in chief of The Tennessee Star ● Tennessee State Senator Wants Schools to Screen Students’ Mental and Behavioral Health Issues After COVID-19 ● Report: Majority of U.S. Cities Unprepared for Financial Fallout from Statewide Shutdowns ● Northern Colorado Residents Seek Secession to Join Wyoming ● Colleges Investigate Community Members for Attending Pro-Trump Protest ● Labor Experts: Biden’s Unusual Firing of NLRB General Counsel Possibly ‘Unlawful’ ● Dan Gainor 5:30 ● State Sen Janice Bowling 6:15 ● Crom Carmichael in studio 6:30 ● Dr. Michael Rectenwald Author of Thought Criminal and Google Archipelago 7:15
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