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02-02-21 TN Star Report HR 1 - Tennessee Star Report

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AUDIO CLIPS ChicagoTeacherStrike-Parent Mp3: attached: (Parent says, There are no dances, no sports, I mean it has been horrible. We've had 40 suicides that I know of up in our area. I don't know what the number is south of I-80 and we've only had 8 kids die from COVID. I'm sorry that those kids died but we're killing our children mentally. This is mental abuse what we are doing to our kids.) ● Mike opens, CEO & Editor in chief of The Tennessee Star ● Nashville Officials Unveil New Strategies They Say Will Reduce Crime ● Middle Tennessee State University Free Speech Center Releases First Amendment Report for Students ● Mark Green Commentary: Biden’s Radically Divisive Executive Order Will Destroy Women’s Sports ● Washington County Reopens Schools as the Tennessee General Assembly Mulls School Funding Incentives ● Tennessee Restaurant Saved by Barstool Sports Mogul’s COVID-19 Relief Fund ● GameStop Revolt Redditors File Class Action Lawsuit Against Robinhood for Cutting off Access to the Market as Hedge Fund Losses Mount ● Oversight Board Reverses Facebook Removal of Post Touting Hydroxychloroquine in COVID-19 Treatment ● Sen. Rand Paul, 24 Senators Introduce REIN Act to Curtail Federal Spending ● Dr. Robert Spalding BGen, USAF 5:30 ● Samantha Fillmore Heartland Institute 6:30 ● Lenny Herron in studio 7:00 ● Comedian Jesse Peyton 7:15
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02-02-21 TN Star Report HR 1 - Tennessee Star Report