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02-03-21 TN Star Report HR 2 - Tennessee Star Report

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AUDIO CLIPS BigTechLegislation-DeSantis Mp3: attached: (DeSantis says, These platforms have changed from neutral platforms that provided Americans with the freedom to speak and enforcers of preferred narratives. Consequently, these platforms played an increasingly decisive role in elections and have negatively Americans who descent from orthodoxies favored by the Big Tech cartel.) InPersonLearning-DeniseWarburton Mp3: attached: (VA Mom says, There is a complete in their demeanor when the days my daughter does actually go to school versus virtual at home. I see my son isolated at home with no social interactions all day. He is on the spectrum and for a kid with Asbergers home alone with not a single social interaction all day is completely detrimental.) ● Mike opens, CEO & Editor in chief of The Tennessee Star ● Tennessee Ranks 33rd Among States in Percentage of COVID-19 Vaccine Doses Administered ● After Around 25K Truant and 6K Transferred Students, Metro Nashville Public Schools Announces It Will Resume In-Person Learning ● Black Lives Matter Backs Effort to Expel over 100 GOP Members from Congress ● Trump files response to impeachment ● Bezos steps down as Amazon CEO ● A Study Touted as a Blow to Conservatives’ Complaints About Big Tech Censorship Was Funded by a Major Biden Donor ● State Sen Frank Nicely 5:30 ● Metro Nashville PS Board Member Fran Bush 6:00 ● Crom Carmichael 6:30 ● Neil McCabe 7:30
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