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03-02-21 TN Star Report HR 2 - Tennessee Star Report

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AUDIO CLIPS KeystonePipeline-KristiNoem : (Noem says, Overnight we felt jobs disappear. We had families that expanded their businesses, restaurants, hotels, gas stations preparing for the build that was going to happen on the pipeline. Plus it's just the wrong policy. The wrong policy on energy, safety for people, and the environment. It's unfortunate that Biden did this just based on politics.) ForeignInfluence-DeSantis (DeSantis says, Foreign interests not only target public institutions but also propriety information and trade secrets of American companies. Essentially give Florida companies and innovators the protection they need to continue leading forward as economic recovery. With today's proposal, we will bolster law enforcement's ability to go after corporate spies and beef up penalities for any corporate espionage that benefits a foreign government.) CapitolRiot-Trump (Trump says, I said that he should have 10,000 I definitely gave the number of 10,000 national guards. And I think he should have 10,000 of the national guard ready. That took that number from what I understand they gave it to the people at the capitol which is controlled by Pelosi and heard they rejected it because they didn't look at it.) CovidRelief-PeteButtigieg (Buttigieg says, The risk of not doing enough is so much worse than the possibility of acting too quickly or doing too much. It's true, we've not had a rescue package like this because we've not had a crisis like this. It's fantastic news that we have more vaccines on the way. But of course, that's exactly why we need to pass this bill. Part of what the American Rescue Plan does is get those sites up and get those shots to the sites.) ● Mike opens, CEO & Editor in chief of The Tennessee Star ● 5:00 Mark Pulliam in studio ● 6:00 Andy Ogles in studio ● 7:00 Roger Simon in studio ● 7:45 State Rep Jason Zachary
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03-02-21 TN Star Report HR 2 - Tennessee Star Report