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03-05-21 TN Star Report HR 2 - Tennessee Star Report

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AUDIO CLIPS NationalGuardCapitol-MichaelWaltz (R-FL-Waltz says, There are more soldiers sitting on the capitol than we have in Afghanistan and Iraq combined. January 6th was horrible. Everybody should be prosecuted that participated. But I'm just not seeing the specific threat that keeps these soldiers here. I've been asking personally official after official for that briefing and we're not getting it.) ● Mike opens, CEO & Editor in chief of The Tennessee Star ● Nashville Community Oversight Board Member Who Resigned Unexpectedly Has Lengthy Criminal Record ● General Assembly to Vote on ‘Teacher’s Discipline Act’ Empowering Teachers to Handle Problematic Students ● New Jobless Claims Increase Slightly to 745,000 ● Child Migration Quickly Overwhelming Biden Administration’s Resources, Internal Documents Show ● House Passes Partisan Election Bill with Zero Republican Votes ● 5:30 Os Hillman Author 31 Decrees of Blessings For Your Work Life ● 6:15 State Rep Tim Rudd ● 6:30 Crom Carmichael ● 7:30 Jim Roberts ● 7:30 Dr K
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03-05-21 TN Star Report HR 2 - Tennessee Star Report